Dr.-Ing. Johannes Schmitt

Phone: 49-6151-164451
Location: S3|20 211


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Research Topics

  • Middleware for collecting and processing sensor information from heterogeneous sensors
  • Personal communication management services
  • Quality aware sensor information retrieval
  • Adaptive sensor data processing for home automation


Professional Activities


Project-Leader for the following industry-projects:

  • SELECTIONS (Self LEarning CommunicaTION Services) phases 1-3
  • SMART (Sensor-based Monitoring for Adv. Reachability in Telecommunication) phases 1+2
  • SMART BUILDING: Adaptive context evaluation for energy-efficiency, security and automation aspects in home automation scenarios.

Research and developement in the following projects:

  • PROWIT (Process-Oriented Web 2.0-based integrated Telecommunication-Service)
  • Gateway with video streaming capabilites between UMTS and VoIP
  • HiPath VoIP gateway with embedded Asterisk

Technical Programm Chair

  • WCNC2009, IEEE Wireless Communication and Networking Conference, Service and Applications Track
  • PIMRC2008, IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications
  • PECCS 2012, International Conference on Pervasive and Embedded Computing and Communication Systems
  • PECCS 2013, International Conference on Pervasive and Embedded Computing and Communication Systems

Supervised Students

  • BACHVAROV, V.: Information Preprocessing and Context Estimation Based on Sensor Meta Description, Diplomarbeit, 2008
  • BAUMANN, P.: Design and Implementation of Adaptive Data Transmission Schemes to Reduce the Number of Transmitted Messages in Context-Aware Systems, Masterarbeit, 2011
  • BILL, T.: Analyse und Erweiterung von Schnittstellen zur nutzerspezifischen Anrufverarbeitung, Diplomarbeit, 2007
  • ESTEVE, C.: Fixed-mobile convergence in TISPAN/3GPP IMS. Conception and evaluation of systems for seamless vertical handover, Diplomarbeit, 2006
  • FREUDENREICH, T.: Dynamic Integration of Mobile Sensing Devices with Transparent Online Logging Capabilities into a Context-aware Environment,  Bachelorarbeit, 2008
  • HECKER, T.: ENUM-Erweiterung zur Sicherung der Kommunikation zwischen VoIP Infrastrukturen, Diplomarbeit, 2007
  • LEIPOLD, F.: Sensor, Service and Information Discovery in Heterogeneous Sensor Networks, Diplomarbeit, 2007
  • MATTHIEU, M.: (Co-Tutor) Development of a mobility trace simulator for large urban disaster scenarios, 2011
  • PRIEBE, M.: Analysis and evaluation of machine learning algorithms for context-aware call processing in Voice-over-IP networks, Diplomarbeit, 2005
  • REMETTER, F.: Implementation and Evaluation of Middlewarebased Sensors on Embedded Systems, Diplomarbeit, 2007
  • ROOS, C.: Erweiterung und Anpassung des FLORA Verfahrens zur Integration in einen selbstlernenden Kommunikationsdienst, Studienarbeit, 2006
  • ROSENSTOCK, L.: Social Network Analysis for Context-Aware Communication Systems, Bachelorarbeit, 2008
  • SCHÄFER, C.: Communication and Information Processing in Semantic Sensor Networks, Diplomarbeit, 2007
  • STEINMETZ, S.: Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithms in Embedded Environments, Masterarbeit, 2012
  • VITANYI, A.: An Interest Based Search and Adaptive Cache Engine in Semantic Sensor Networks, Diplomarbeit, 2009
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