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News about research results and related relevant content on the web can be found on Google+, in the blog on Social Serious Games, and briefly on Twitter.

17.03.2017 Umfangreiches Tutorial mit Code-Repository für AngularJS v2.1.1 erstellt

Studierende meines Wahlfaches AngularJS haben für die neue Version v2.1.1 ein umfangreiches, deutsches Tutorial erstellt mit passende Code-Repository dazu. Das Besondere: Die Kapitel decken den Inhalt des offiziellen Tour-of-Heroes Tutorials (en) ab und gehen darüber hinaus tiefer auf AngularJS2-Konzepte ein. Alle Kapitel haben passende Tags im Code-Repository. Meines Wissens nach das einzige umfangreiche deutschsprachige Tutorial mit einem solchen Code-Umfang. Eine tolle Leistung des letzten Kurs-Semesters.

23.11.2016 We won the eTeaching Award 2016 for our tool MoodlePeers!

In the last years I created together with colleagues from pedagogical psychology, math didactics and university administration a handy plugin for Moodle to support learning group formation in courses. We found evidence that these groups are more satisfied and produce better results.

Now, TU Darmstadt university awarded our efforts with the eTeaching Award 2016. I gratefully thank the jury for the price and all team members for the productive research work. Let's hope, the groupformation plugin will be soon available in even more other universities. You can already use it here at TU Darmstadt Moodle. See Blog report about the award, repository www.moodlepeers.de or the Moodle-Plugin page for details.

09.09.2016 Two books on Entertainment Computing and Serious Games are finally finished.

Writing books with many authors together is a tough journey. But the result was worth all efforts. A great book focussing on Serious Games creation, runtime control and evaluation is now available. I contributed on Multiplayer Serious Games. See Springer or Amazon.

Even better, the book we wrote as a group of more than 20 research experts about Entertainment Computing ans Serious Games. Based on our one week seminar at Dagstuhl the result is a perfect cover-up book with all relevant infos needed to start research in the field, e.g. a Ph.D. Will be out in October. See Springer or Amazon.

01.06.2016 Publications about MoodlePeers plugin for learning group formation accepted at DeLFI and EC-TEL conferences

The beginning of the year was contributed to analyze collected data and write the publications about our new findings on learning group formation. We found significant effects to better learning coutomes, better satifsfaction of students and lower drop-out-rates in a math course, if learning groups are formed using GroupAL and proper psychological metrics (e.g. personality traits). Papers were accepted for conference publication in September.

Interested in the Moodle plugin? See MoodlePeers Repository.

24.02.2016 OpenBadges will be able to link to competencies from European Qualifications Framework (EQF)

As a fresh member of the EU Erasmus+ project OpenBadgeNetwork I am currently working on a technical connection of OpenBadges to formal represenations of competencies, e.g. the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

02.09.2015 Interest Group E-Learning elects me as commissary member for young researcher support

At DeLFI in Munic the executive committee of SIG E-Learning (3.9.) appointed me to the position as supportive member of the commitee for young researchers.Thanks to the commitee for this trust. Currently we are in the process of organizing the research exchange forum for young researchers (JFMH) in the field of media and teaching at universities to be held in summer 2016 in Darmstadt.



26.08.2015 Our workshop for "quality assessment of videos in education" is online

At GMW/DeLFI next week (3.9.) we offer together with media paedagogics, math didactics and sport science experts the workshop to answer the question: "What makes a good video for learning?".

Update (01.01.2016): Participants had the oportunity to use the currently developed tool to asses three videos provided by us and  contributed their recommendations for further improvement. The current online version now improved based on this. Test it (German only).

01.06.2015 Friedrich Verlag published article about the game Der Wechsel

In cooperation with math didactics and paed. psychology here at TU Darmstadt, we created some time ago the math adventure game Der Wechsel. Now an article fosters this game to be used in the classroom (grade 8/9).

11.05.2015 GameDays presented lots of new (mobile) games for learning and training

Darmstädter Echo (and in copy Frankfurter Rundschau) report about the new gaming ideas and concepts presented at three public places in Darmstadt including the market place. It was a sunny day, inviting all participants to move and play. Read more and find the discrepancy...

17.04.2015 Learning group formation algorithm released to open source:

inDAgo: How to assist elderly people for better mobility in everyday situations

20.02.2015: Together with the project partners I presented the results of our project inDAgo at a BMBF convention in Nürnberg.
The video (in German) shows nicely how we contribute with our research to an independent and better mobility for elderly people.

Ph.D. thesis:
Interactive Multimedia Learning - Using Social Media for Peer Education in Single-Player Educational Games

Research Interests

In general the goal of my research is to bring Self-directed Learning and Social Media together.

This includes the fields (and technologies) of

  • Web Technologies (service-oriented applications, content management, web development frameworks/MEAN and NoSQL DBs/MongoDB)
  • Problem-based Learning (pedagogical models, psychology, learning analytics, peer education)
  • Social Media (social interaction design patterns, social network analysis, big data processing)

Aspects of this research are:

  • Context-Aware Adaptation of Web-Interfaces
    (Responsive Design, 3D and Web, Mobile Web)
  • Learning Goal Identification
    (Visualization and Customization Tools)
  • Adaptation and Personalization of Learn Flow and Work Flow
    (Educational Data Mining, Learning Analysis, Graph Models, Context Awareness and Recommender Systems)
  • Assessment of Learners' Advances & Test Generation
    (Open-format Tasks, Learner Modeling)
  • Learning Group Formation
    (Recommender and Group Formation Algorithms)


These aspects can be infuenced and combined with the fields underlying my Ph.D. research concerning the combination of Serious Games and Social Media.

Those aspects include:

  • Game-based Learning
  • Game Influencing from Online Social Networks
  • Integration of user-generated content into Serious Games
  • Achievements and Rewards (e.g. for learning content)

Research Projects

In the following an excerpt of research projects where I {am|was} involved in as lead project manager and software solution engineer.

  • MoodlePeers (new) - extensions for LMS Moodle that allow research-based algorithmic learning group formation, learning analytics and assistence in group activities to improve learning outcome for students.
  • inDAgo - everyday and leasure time assistence system for elderly people including a web-based backend configurator interface, support for StoryTec interactive content, GIS-GEO informations about train/bus stations and points of interest, and a mobile Android-based assistence system including pedestrian routing, ÖPNV-routing, informations, interactive stories about POIs and the connection to voluntery peoples' assistance in the network of inDAgo helpers.
  • PEDALE - Peer Education Diagnostic and Learning environment, based on StoryTec, enhancing Peer Education in a math class learning environment using open-format problems
  • GENIUS - a middleware plattform to enhance video games by networked interactions with users of a player's social network; including a adventure game prototype using such content-based influences.

Talks and Presentations

see talks and presentations of Johannes Konert (not including talks related to publications)

see presentations on Slideshare




University Administration Activities


startup / spin-off counseling for students and fellow researchers

Due to my own co-founding and co-operating of the social media company friendcafe media GmbH between 2007 and 2010 and my research in the field since 2005 I may assist in topics like e.g.:

  • trademark registration
  • VC acquisition
  • Business Angels
  • Community Development
  • Web Technology

Examples of such startups:

Books 2016

Chapters on Social Network Games and Content Creation. In: Entertainment Computing and Serious Games, Dagstuhl Series, Springer (2016)
Chapter on Multiplayer Serious Games. In: Serious Games Foundations, Springer (2016)

Lecture offered each winter term

Ph.D thesis as a book

Interactive Multimedia Learning, Best Thesis Series, Springer (2014)
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