Multimedia Technologies and Serious Games

Serious Games approach - Understanding of the Serious Games group at the Multimedia Communications Lab - KOM, TU Darmstadt, 2012


Serious Games are defined as '.. software applications developed with game technology and game design principles for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment' (wikipedia).


The Serious Games group follows this approach and elaborates - in an interdisciplinary context - methods and concepts how to combine game technology and game concepts with information and communication, multimedia technologies and other domain-specific concepts for its use in a broad range of application domains. Hereby, the focus is set on educational settings (digital educational games, vocational training, collaborative workplace training, training and simulation) and games for health (personalised exergames for prevention and rehabilitation, cognitive training, ambient assisted living, urban health games).

Research Focus

The overall aim is to elaborate a reference model for Serious Games resulting in a metadata format to describe Serious Games and to build the ground for a quality label for Serious Games in a long-term perspective. Research topics and challenges are settled around the following three pillars: 

  • Authoring: Effective development and production of Serious Games, authoring process and authoring tools, support for non-programmers, collaborative authoring, (re-use of) game patterns and interaction templates.
  • Control: Personalisation and Adaptation, player models, game balancing, game mastering, social gaming, Interactive Digital Storytelling.
  • Evaluation: Measurement of effects and affects, gaming (and learning) analytics, sensor-based measurement of physiological parameters.


Technology Framework StoryTec

In the course of strategic research and collaborative research (with science and industry) the technology platfom StoryTec has been elaborated and is going to be (continously) further cultivated by new RTD achievements. StoryTec contains (1) an Authoring Tool for the creation of interactive, game-based applications and Serious Games, (2) exporters for cross-platform publishing (PC offline, web-based HTML 5 and mobile: Android IOS, iphone) and (3) two versions of a player (covering the different platforms) as well as an interface to various other games developed with Unity3d.

StoryTec (including a tutorial and demo content) is available for free to download at This website also provides a set of demos describing the practical outcomes of the Serious Games group.


The Serious Games contributes/drives the key research area on Serious Games of the forum for interdisciplinary research (see and collaborates with partners from academia and industry (see also projects, talks and GameDays). 


Dr.-Ing. Stefan Göbel

Technische Universität Darmstadt
Fachgebiet Multimedia Kommunikation
Rundeturmstr. 10
64283 Darmstadt
S3/20 Room 104

+49 6151 16-20390

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