DFG: GK Mixed Mode (GKmM)

GKmM stands for Graduiertenkolleg Cooperative, Adaptive and Responsive Monitoring in Mixed Mode Environments. GKmM is an interdisciplinary Research Training Group (GRK 1362) which is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG (German Research Foundation) and combines two challenging research areas:

  • Navigation and coordination of multiple autonomous vehicles to perform a common task possibly together with a human mission manager; and
  • Monitoring in mixed mode environments that are characterized by the heterogeneity of their components in terms of resources, capabilities and connectivity.

GKmM applies these technologies in the domain of disaster recovery, for example, after an earthquake or an explosion in a chemical plant where the environment might not be safe for human beings.
The KOM Lab contributes to the GKmM in the research area of Foundations of Communication. Here, we expect the mixed mode environments to consist of a myriad of networked nodes including, e.g., static sensors, highly mobile sensor platforms, and centralized servers in mission control centres. The networks connecting these devices range from infrastructureless networks such as ad hoc and sensor networks to infrastructure-based networks such as the Internet or cellular networks. These networks are characterized by a tremendous heterogeneity in attributes, capabilities, and requirements, i.e., they can themselves be regarded as Mixed Mode Systems.

The following sub-areas are of main interest to the research within the Foundations of Communication in Mixed Mode Environments:

  • Network Architecture for Mixed Mode Environments
  • Dependable Communication Mechanisms for Mixed Mode Environments
  • Alternative Communication Techniques for Mobile Platforms
  • Network-theoretical Approaches to Wireless Communications in Mixed Mode Environments

For more information about GKmM, other participants and achievements, please consult the official web site of GKmM at www.gkmm.tu-darmstadt.de