Alumni - Overview

An alumnus (masculine) or alumnae (feminine) of a university is a former student. Recently, the definition of alumni (which is the plural for alumnus for men and mixed groups and alumnae for women) has expanded to include people who have departed from any kind of organization or program. The words are derived from the Latin verb alere , "to nourish", and literally mean "nourished one".
Alumni networks offer a plattform for subject oriented exchange of experience, knowledge transfer, and cooperation.

Alumni of the Multimedia Communications Lab (KOM) are on the one hand current and former students who completed their diploma- or master thesis at KOM or participated in our lectures, seminars etc. and on the other hand former staff.

We have established the KOM alumni network with the goal to stimulate a scientific and personal exchange between alumni and between alumni and the staff of the lab and to inform the alumni about new technological trends and new developments at KOM.

Your benefits of being KOM alumni are:

  • You receive an electronical newsletter (4 times a year)
  • After your graduation you stay in contact with KOM, the university and other alumni
  • You have an exchange of experiences with other alumni
  • You are always up to date about news of KOM
  • You are invited to alumni reunions at the lab
  • With the help of the alumni database you can get in contact directly to other alumni and staff
  • You may attend to guest lectures at KOM
  • We also expect your contribution to the future strategic direction of KOM