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Short Bio

Björn studied Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at TU Darmstadt since 2007, with a major in Computer Engineering (Datentechnik). In 2012, he obtained his Master's degree with the thesis "Supporting Transitions in Peer-to-Peer Video Streaming". During his studies, he focused on distributed software systems and network technologies, especially in the context of mobile devices. As a student assistant, he participated in the design and development of Peer-to-Peer overlays for information dissemination and location based search as well as in the development of new components for the simulator PeerfactSim.KOM, now included in the Simonstrator.KOM framework.

From 2013, he worked as a research assistant at the Multimedia Communications Lab (KOM) at the department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of the Technische Universität Darmstadt. His research interests are centered around distributed systems and adaptive communication protocols, with a focus on event-based communication. He is a member of the collaborative research centre MAKI, working within project area C2 on transition-enabled publish/subscribe systems for location-based mobile social applications. Since obtaining his doctoral degree in mid 2017, Björn heads the research group Distributed Sensing Systems at KOM.


Research Interests

Selected Publications

Björn Richerzhagen. "Mechanism Transitions in Publish/Subscribe Systems - Adaptive Event Brokering for Location-based Mobile Social Applications." Dissertation, TU Darmstadt, July 2017.
Preis für hervorragende wissenschaftliche Leistung (beste Dissertation)

Björn Richerzhagen, Nils Richerzhagen, Julian Zobel, Sophie Schönherr, Boris Koldehofe, and Ralf Steinmetz. “Seamless Transitions Between Filter Schemes for Location-based Mobile Applications.” In: Proc. IEEE LCN. Nov. 2016, pp. 1–9.

Björn Richerzhagen, Dominik Stingl, Ronny Hans, Christian Groß, and Ralf Steinmetz. “Bypassing the Cloud: Peer-assisted Event Dissemination for Augmented Reality Games.” In: Proc. IEEE P2P. Sept. 2014, pp. 1–10.

Björn Richerzhagen, Dominik Stingl, Julius Rückert, and Ralf Steinmetz. “Simonstrator: Simulation and Prototyping Platform for Distributed Mobile Applications.” In: Proc. SIMUTOOLS. ACM. Aug. 2015, pp. 99–108.

All publications: Google Scholar Profile, KOM Lab Publications

Reproducible Results

Source code for the publish/subscribe framework Bypass.KOM, the Simonstrator.KOM platform, and all evaluation scripts used in my publications are available online. Please contact me for full access and additional information on reproducing my published results.

Teaching Activities

Lectures and Courses

Lecture Communication Networks 2 (lecturer), winter term 2017/18
Lab Multimedia Communications Lab/Project (organizer and supervisor), summer 2013.
Seminar Advanced Topics in Future Internet Research (organizer and supervisor), since winter 2013/14.
Lecture Algorithms for Mobile Networks (organizer), winter term 2013/14 and 2014/15.
Seminar Mobile Phone-based Participatory Sensing and its Analysis in Mobile Communities (organizer), summer term 2013 and 2014.
Industrial Colloquium Designing the Future Internet - Visions, Challenges, and Solutions (organizer and speaker), summer term 2013

Supervised Theses

Anja KirchhöferIncreasing Information Availability: Floating Content in Disaster ScenariosBA
Christoph StormCollaborative Location Retrieval under Data Uncertainty (co-supervised)MA
Julian ZobelTransitions between Subscription Schemes for Location-based Mobile ServicesBA
Julian WulfheideDesign of Collaborative Upload Strategies for Crowdsourced Live Event CoverageMA
Björn BüschkeAdaptive Gateway Selection Strategies for Event Dissemination in Mobile ApplicationsBA
Marc SchillerPrototypical Realization of Transition-enabled Ad Hoc Communication for a Mobile Pervasive GameBA
Thorben HehmannDynamic Provisioning of Cloudlet-based Brokers for Location-aware Publish/SubscribeMA
Sophie SchönherrContext-based Adaptation of Publish/Subscribe Semantics for Mobile ApplicationsBA
Lukas FeyContext-aware Ad Hoc Event Dissemination Protocols for Mobile Augmented Reality GamesBA
Dennis DrexlerAugmenting Internet-wide Publish/Subscribe Systems with Software Defined Networking PrinciplesMA
Alexander WagenerSupporting Transitions between Publish/Subscribe Mechanisms in Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksMA
Leo FuhrCellular-assisted Publish/Subscribe for Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksMA

I am always looking for students interested in writing their Bachelor- or Master-Thesis in the field of adaptive, self-organizing overlays, preferably with a focus on publish/subscribe solutions (i.e. the efficient dissemination of information to interested receivers, based on different filtering techniques). A list of currently open topics is published here. If you have an idea for a thesis that is not covered in the list, do not hesitate to contact me directly.


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