Daniel Bischoff, M.Sc.

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Short Bio

In 2011 Daniel Bischoff studied Electrical Engineering at Fachhochschule RheinMain in cooperation with the Opel Automobile GmbH and Electrical Engineering at Universität Duisburg Essen with a major in digital communication systems (Digitale Kommunikationssysteme).

Since 2018 he is a PhD student at the Multimedia Communication Lab (KOM) at Technische Universität Darmstadt. In cooperation with the Opel Automtobile GmbH, he is working for the national funded project IMAGinE [1], where communication-based cooperative maneuver and collective perception systeme for future vehicles are developed. His research interests are centered around the information provisioning, quality of communication and optimization of vehicle-to-any (V2X) communication for safety-relevant applications in heterogeneous networks.

[1] www.imagine-online.de


Research Interests

Mobile Systems & Sensor Networking

  • Heterogeneous Vehicular Communication
  • Adaptive information provisioning for vehicular safety applications
  • GeoCast and GeoNetworking in C-ITS
  • Radio Propagation and Channel Modelling



Teaching Activities

I am always looking for students, who are interested to write their theses (Bachelor/Master) in the area of vehicular communication systems. Currently open topics can be found here.


Supervised Theses

Antonio SchneiderFramework to compare dissemination strategies in V2X networks for cooperative maneuver coordinationBachelor
Jens LemkeAdaptive dissemination of information using the condition of cooperative maneuver coordination in heterogeneous V2X communication networksBachelor
Lukas SchnarzRelevance-based efficiency increase of adhoc communication for cooperative maneuver coordination at intersectionsBachelor
Justin HoppGame theoretical approach to obtain information relevance and improving communication-based cooperative vehicular maneuver coordinationMaster
Carsten EnglertCooperative Distribution of Channel Information in Vehicular Communication Networks using Game TheoryMaster
Balint KlementGenerating computational efficient trajectories to support large-scale simulation for cooperative maneuver coordinationMaster
Youssef HaridyImplementation and Simulative Evaluation of Coordination Algorithms for the Cooperative Maneuver Planning based on Vehicle-to-Vehicle CommunicationMaster
Michael MatthéContext-Based Message Generation Rules for Decentralized Cooperative Maneuvering in Vehicular Adhoc NetworksMaster
David BaranProactive Adaptation of Heterogeneous V2X Communication Networks for Cooperative Maneuver Coordination

Lukas Heidt

Heterogeneous Communication in Vehicular Networks: Influence Factors on the Performance of 802.11p and LTE-AStudien



WS 2019/2020

Organizer/Supervisor - Multimedia Communications Lab / Project

Supervisor - Advanced Topics in Future Internet Research

SS 2019

Organizer/Supervisor - Multimedia Communications Lab / Project

WS 2018/2019

Organizer/Supervisor - Multimedia Communications Lab / Project

Supervisor - Advanced Topics in Future Internet Research

Supervisor - Proseminar ETiT