Julian Zobel, M.Sc.

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Short Bio

Julian studied computer science at TU Darmstadt. Since late 2018, he is working as a research assistant in the research group "Distributed Sensing Systems" at KOM. His research interest is centered around aerial communication networks, using small UAVs for the provision of ad-hoc communication in emergency situations. 


Julian Zobel, Benjamin Becker, Ralf Kundel, Patrick Lieser, and Ralf Steinmetz. "Topology-aware Path Planning for In-Transit Coverage of Aerial Post-Disaster Communication Assistance Systems."   In: Proc. IEEE LCN 2020.

Julian Zobel, Patrick Lieser, Bastian Drescher, Bernd Freisleben, and Ralf Steinmetz. "Optimizing Inter-Cluster Flights of Post-Disaster Communication Support UAVs."   In: Proc. IEEE LCN 2019.

Patrick Lieser, Julian Zobel, Björn Richerzhagen, and Ralf Steinmetz."Simulation Platform for Unmanned Aerial Systems in Emergency Ad Hoc Networks."  In: Proc. 16th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (ISCRAM), May 2019.

Julian Zobel, Patrick Lieser and Ralf Steinmetz."Multi-Strategy Simulation of Aerial Post-Disaster Ad Hoc Communication Support Systems."  In: Proc. IEEE LCN Demonstrations 2019.

Lars Baumgärtner, Patrick Lieser, Julian Zobel, Bastian Blössl, Ralf Steinmetz, and Mira Mezini "LoRaAgent: A DTN-based Location-aware Communication System using LoRa"   In: Proc. GHTC 2020.

Björn Richerzhagen, Nils Richerzhagen, Julian Zobel, Sophie Schönherr, Boris Koldehofe, and Ralf Steinmetz. "Seamless Transitions Between Filter Schemes for Location-based Mobile Applications."  In: Proc. IEEE LCN. Nov. 2016, pp. 1–9.


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Teaching Activities

I am always looking for students interested in writing their Bachelor- or Master-Thesis in the field of adaptive aerial communication systems and infrastructureless communication networks. A list of currently open topics is published here. If you have an idea for a thesis that is not covered in the list, do not hesitate to contact me directly.




Supervised Theses

Simon GütthoffCooperative Network Topology Monitoring in UAV-Supported Post-Disaster Ad Hoc NetworksMA
Benjamin HeinzLow-Power Long-Range Multi-Hop Relay Communication Protocols for Emergency Crisis CommunicationMA
Jakob KargA Recommendation System for Semi-Automated Scheduling of Ground Station Passes, KOM Award Best Masterthesis 2019MA
Bastian DrescherOptimierung von Nachrichten- und Datentransport durch Unbemannte LuftfahrtsystemeStA
Niklas StöhrConcepts for Territorial Allocation and Route Calculations for UAVs in Aerial Topology Monitoring SytemsStA
Inga DischingerPrototype System for Adaptive Self-Regulating LoRa NetworksBA
Paul FrommeltPrototype System for Energy-Efficient Mobile Data Offloading in Hetereogeneous Wireless Sensor NetworksBA
Louis NeumannStrategies for MANET Monitoring with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Sebastian PerleSimulative Comparison of Cluster Detection Approaches on Topology Data for Aerial Post-Disaster Communication Assistance SystemsBA
Yashita SaxenaDesign and Assessment of UAV Movement Models for Simulative EvaluationBA
Jan UhligStrategy Transitions in Autonomous Aerial Systems for Post-Disaster Communication SupportBA



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