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The CROKODIL learning environment is a major result of the CROKODIL project.

The research project CROKODIL deals with self-directed resource-based learning in vocational education and training. CROKODIL is based on learning environments with the integration of communities, web resources and the development of skills. The objective of the project CROKODIL is to support self-directed resource-based learning, connecting it with collaborative learning in communities and with instruction-oriented learning. In addition to the set up of a new Web 2.0 platform, educational concepts will be developed and tested in scenarios of vocational education and training.

The technological objective of CROKODIL is the development, deployment and testing of a new learning environment, the CROKODIL platform. This new learning environment, based on the technology of semantic knowledge networks, supports learners with the essential functions of resource-based learning. With the help of the semantic knowledge network technology, a network of Web 2.0 resources is created as well as a community of participants in learning process will represented and supported.

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