Mobile Systems & Sensor Networking – Overview

After context information has been collection using multimodal sensors, we use intelligent processing mechanisms to create a layer of smartness, which is then brought back to the physical environment by means of actuation devices.

Sensors are increasingly becoming ubiquitous. We foresee that such tiny sensor devices will be omnipresent in the near future. In the research technology area of Distributed Sensing Systems, we target both fundamental and applied research which makes optimal use of these omnipresent sensors to enhance our day-to-day life and make contributions which will change the way in which people interact with their environment. With the above aim in mind we investigate and address research on network protocols for enabling these tiny sensor devices to be a part of the Internet. Further, protocol mechanisms are investigated which address the challenges presented by the sensors, e.g. low processing power, energy and transmission range limitations. Here, we also investigate cross-layer optimization approaches to find suitable solutions for interoperable and scalable networks of sensors.

Our research finds applications in diverse fields, including

  • Logistics Monitoring and Transportation Optimization
  • Industry/Factory Automation
  • Smart Communication Services
  • Green/Smart Buildings
  • Ambient Intelligent Systems and Ubiquitous Computing
  • Automotive Applications

Our research in this area encompasses analytical tools, simulation studies, user tests, as well as design and development of a heteregenous sensor network testbed platform.