Self organizing Systems & Overlay Communication – Competencies and Staff


Scientist 1-Slide Presentation Publications

Networked and Distributed Systems / Communication Middleware / Event-Based Systems / Software-Defined Networking

Boris Koldehofe by Boris Koldehofe
Future Internet Technologies: Context Based Adaptation Sonja Bergsträßer by Sonja Bergsträßer
Collaborative Monitoring in Federated Software-defined Networks Rhaban Hark by Rhaban Hark
Proactive Transition with Enhanced Utility Sounak Kar by Sounak Kar
Transitions in Complex Event Processing Manisha Luthra by Manisha Luthra
Hardware accelerated NFV-offloading in QoS sensitive and real-time networks Ralf Kundel by Ralf Kundel

Former Colleagues

Performance Evaluation of Communication Networks Amr Rizk

by Amr Rizk
Transition-enabled Monitoring for Mobile Networks and Applications Nils Richerzhagen by Nils Richerzhagen
Seamless Elasticity in High-Performance NFV Infrastructures Leonard Nobach by Leonhard Nobach
Scalable and Resource-efficient Network Services in Future ISP Networks Jeremias Blendin by Jeremias Blendin
Efficient Content Distribution for Video-on-Demand Christian Koch by Christian Koch
Abstractions for Adaptation Decisions in Communication Systems Alexander Frömmgen by Alexander Froemmgen

Advanced User-centric Video Support: 
Participatory Video Generation and Distribution

Denny Stohr by Denny Stohr