hRESTS-TC - A Collection of Semantic Service Descriptions


In the context of Service-oriented Architectures (SOA), matchmaking describes the task of discovering functionally adequate services based on a manually or automatically specified query. It can be seen as an essential prerequisite for realizing the vision of the Internet of Services, where a wide range of services are offered on public marketplaces and dynamically selected for the execution of business processes.

hRESTS-TC is a collection of semantic service descriptions, based on the hRESTS and MicroWSMO description formats. It has been created through a (semi-)automatic conversion process based on the well-known SAWSDL-TC collection by DFKI, which constitutes the foundation of performance evaluation in the S3 Contest of semantic matchmakers.

hRESTS-TC comes in two flavors, TC 1 and TC 3, which have been derived from the corresponding variants of SAWSDL-TC respectively.


The latests versions of hRESTS-TC are available for download at SemWebCentral.


For further information or inquiries about hRESTS-TC, please contact Ulrich Lampe.