Seminar Educational Technologies

Contact: Dr.-Ing. Christoph Rensing, Tim Steuer, Anna Filighera,

Overall Topic: Adaptive Technologies for education, research and related fields of application


Since 2020, the seminar will be held together with the multimedia communications seminar. Hence, please see the corresponding page for up-to-date information.


The seminar is about

  • novel methods for realization of adaptive systems, e.g. machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, recommender systems, context-aware methods
  • novel application areas for adaptive systems, esp. education & research, which demands particular requirements.

In the seminar we will discuss recent papers about concrete application scenarios and different algorithmic approaches.

List of topics

You find the preliminary and incomplete list of topics here. All topics will be presented at the kick-off event at 16. April 2019 in detail. We strongly recommend to participate at the kick-off event.

Registration and Topic Selection

For registration and topic selection send an e-Mail to Christoph.Rensing until Tuesday, 23.04.2019, 11:59 pm containing:

  • Name, Surname
  • Student number
  • Seminar you participate
    • 18-sm-2090-se Multimedia Communications Seminar II (primarily for M.Sc. students)
    • 18-sm-2300-se Multimedia Communications Seminar I (primarily for B.Sc. students)
    • 20-00-1065-se Educational Technologies (Bildungstechnologien) (only in Computer Science FB 20)
  • Study course (Studiengang)
  • A list of three topics, in the order of preference
  • A summary of your preferred topic  (2500 - 3000 characters) and three references to related work in APA format
  • Mention whether you would be willing to get another topic (selected by us) if you do not get any of three choices (no mention will be taken as a "no").

There can be only one student per topic. There will be no additional topics.

You will be informed about acceptance and topic at Thursday, 25.04.2019.

Important dates


Participation at all meetings is mandatory. Please note that the meetings take place in building S3|20, room 4 and start at 14:25.

  • Tue, 16.04.2019 (14:25 - 15:55): Seminar organization and topics presentation
  • Tue, 30.04.2019 (14:25 - 15:55): Research issues and introduction to Recommender Systems
  • Tue, 02.07.2019 (10:00 - 17:00): Student Presentations


  • Topic registration: 23.04.2019 23:59 pm (CEST) (detailed information see above)
  • First complete version of the term paper: 06.06.2019 11:59 pm (CEST)
  • Reviews of all papers assigned to you: 13.06.2019 11:59 pm (CEST)
  • Final paper: 26.06.2019 23:59 pm (CEST)
  • Presentation Slides: 30.06.2019 23:59 pm (CEST)

Tasks and Assessment Criteria

As participant your tasks in the seminar are:

  • to select your topic
  • to read one or two initial papers describing your topic
  • to search for related papers
  • to present your topic based on the papers during a seminar session (preferred in English)
  • to write a term paper (German or English) about your topic

    • based on your initial papers and additional papers about the topic you searched for

  • to review one or two term papers of fellow students
  • to participate in the final seminar session and discuss the topics during this session

Assessment criteria are:

  • Your preliminary term paper
  • Your final term paper
  • Your reviews of papers from fellow students
  • Your presentation
  • Your participation in discussions


We use our own moodle platform to distribute information and papers and to collect your term papers and presentations. You will get an acoount together with the information about your acceptance and topic. Afterwards you can access the moodle course at


For the presentations, we will use only one laptop provided by us. Therefore, the corresponding slides have to be uploaded in moodle to the announced date. In order to avoid compatibility issues, all presentations have to be in PDF or PPT format. The presentation shall be 15 minutes long. After the presentation, there will be 10 minutes for discussion with the audience. Be aware, that you performance during the discussion is a part of the overall grade.


The final paper should have 8 pages for Educational Technologies Seminar (including bibliography). If the provided space is insufficient, you are allowed to use up to one additional page for the bibliography. Your term paper will be reviewed by your fellow students and your supervisor. The first and the final version of your complete term paper and the reviews have to be uploaded in moodle till the announced date.


Use IEEE Template for Conference Proceedings. It can be downloaded here

Important: Please note, that we check all submitted papers for plagiarism.

Important: Missing any of this achievements will lead to a failing grade. Submissions not meeting the deadlines will not be accepted and thus lead to a failing grade as well.