Game Jams

Game Jams are game development challenges, where video or board games are created under tight time constraints (e.g. 72 hours) and to fit a predefined, but often vague theme (e.g. "10 seconds" or "connected worlds"). Their main goal is to provide people interested in games the opportunity to create something, share it and collect feedback afterwards - although sometimes they are used by game developers to prototype new concepts internally as well.

Here at KOM we organize local gatherings for global game jams like the Global Game Jam or Ludum Dare since 2013, combining the global community with a local one. While the former provides the theme, motivation and additional after-the-fact feedback, local participants are able to easily discuss game ideas, give immediate feedback or help each other in case of technical difficulties. Our gatherings consist mainly of students and scientists from TU Darmstadt, complemented by invited game developers, colleagues from other universities and even hobbyists (we intentionally do not require pre-existing game development experience).

All games created so far
April 27-29, 2019Ludum Dare 44226
Dezember 1-3, 2018Ludum Dare 43165
August 11-13, 2018Ludum Dare 42134
Dezember 2-4, 2017Ludum Dare 40153
Juli 29 - August 1, 2017Ludum Dare 39135
Dezember 10-12, 2016Ludum Dare 37164
September 24-26, 2016KOM Jam155
December 12-14, 2015Ludum Dare 34208
August 22-25, 2015Ludum Dare 33195
Januar 23-25, 2015Global Game Jam 2015217
August 23-26, 2014Ludum Dare 30228
Januar 24-26, 2014Global Game Jam 20142811
August 23-26, 2013Ludum Dare 27205