Analysis of 3D Storytelling in Virtual Reality

January 18, 2018 – ,

One of the main challenges facing virtual reality (VR) is telling a story to a player that has a full control of where he or she is looking. Especially in the VR, the player wants to interact with the environment and other avatar. However, many VR experiences only have a linear story, where the player cannot influence the narration. By creating such a story, we destroy the immersion and the player will most likely not feel as if he or she is “present” in the VR. Therefore, we should set up the narrative by including the player input in order to have an increasing climax. Such a narrative can be useful in maintaining the attention of the player and can furthermore increase the acceptance. The aim of this thesis is, how to create a story about the character and the events happening throughout the experience. 

“We are the builders of worlds, the makers of storytellers.”
Jessica Brillhart, Principal Filmmaker for VR at Google 

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Keywords: Virtual Reality, Storytelling

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Tutor: Caserman,

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