Implementierung eines IK-Ansatzes zum Tracken von Körperbewegungen unter Berücksichtigung verschiedener Aspekte der Wahrnehmung

January 18, 2018 – ,

The detection of body movements in Virtual Reality (VR) is necessary to synchronize the movements of an avatar with the movements of a player in order to show appropriate body posture. Due to the lack of real-time algorithms to process and to represent users' position and orientation, most VR games do not show the user's actual movements. For example, the movements can be detected with VR controllers such as HTC Vive Controller or Vive Tracker. However, there are still challenges to represent these movements in the VR robustly and in real time. By tracking only hands and feet, we can use inverse kinematics (IK) to reconstruct the whole skeleton. The aim of this thesis is to analyse robust and real-time IK solutions that allow the movements of the players to be displayed in just few iterations. 

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Keywords: Body Tracking, Inverse Kinematics, Virtual Reality

Research Area(s):

Tutor: Caserman,

Student: Philipp Achenbach

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