Former Courses

Course TitleDual Mode CourseWinter TermSummer TermL + E

Participatory Sensing and Analysis
(Prof. Klara Nahrstedt, SoSe 2013 - 2014)


ETiT Project Week (ETiT Projektwoche)

(Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Steinmetz)
(einmalig WS 2012/2013)

Content Networking
(Dr.-Ing. Ivica Rimac)
X2 + 0
Technologie- und Marketing-Management in IT-/TIMES-Märkten (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heinz Thielmann)X3 + 1
Electronic Commerce
Embedded Systems
(Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Steinmetz, Dr. Rolf Reinema)
Mobile Applications
(Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schönfeld)
Seminar: Quality of Service in Distributed Systems
(Prof. Klara Nahrstedt) (SS04)
Mobility in Communication Networks
(Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schönfeld)
X 2 + 0
Workspaces of the Future - Integrated Design of Real and Virtual Worlds
(Dr. Dr. Streitz)
X1 + 1
Computer-Based Working and Learning in Team: Basics, Design and Implementation of Groupware
(until WS 01/02: Dr. Haake)
X2 + 1
Security in Media Streams
(Dr. Jana Dittmann)
 X2 + 0
Communication Systems for Audio-Visual Applications
(until SS 99: Dr. Lars Wolf)
 X2 + 0

Communication Networks IV (Dr.-Ing. Amr Rizk)