Leonhard Nobach, M.Sc.

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Leo obtained his master's degree at the TU Darmstadt in 2012. After taking part in a one-year graduate programme in business, he joined the Peer-to-Peer Systems Engineering Lab of Prof. Dr. David Hausheer in October 2013. During this time, Leo also worked as a Ph.D. intern at Nokia Bell Labs for 4 months. In May 2017, Leo joined KOM.

Research Interests

Leo's work focuses on Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). Here, his areas of expertise include virtualization performance, state migration, dataplane and packet switching hardware and NFV hardware acceleration. Furthermore, he has experience in software-defined networks, communication security, and mobile peer-to-peer networks.

Video courtesy of Layer123 at NFV World Congress 2015, San Jose

Special Technical Knowledge and Experience

  • Linux (with a focus on networking)
  • Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK)
  • NetFPGA
  • KVM Virtualization Environments
  • Ethernet Data Link an Physical Layer





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Identity: leonhard.nobach@kom...

Primary Key: 4096R/FFC01FC4 (FP:02AD 30B6 4483 BDBB 04C0 E6B4 D21A EB87 FFC0 1FC4)

Backup Key (do not yet use for encrypting content): 4096R/5483883C (FP: 6278 0399 1084 E23F 5DAA 31B9 56B9 5499 5483 883C)


Software projects I am working on:

  • SliM - DPDK-based seamless NFV state migration framework
  • PS's base platform for using the NetFPGA SUME 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports with arbitrary network functions
  • Sloth - DPDK-based latency generator.