Dr.-Ing. Osama Abboud

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I am a senior researcher at the Multimedia Communications Lab (KOM) of the Technische Universität Darmstadt. I hold a PhD degree in Multimedia Communications. My thesis title is: Quality Adaptation In Peer-to-Peer Video Streaming: Supporting Heterogeneity and Enhancing Performance using Scalable Video Coding. I also hold a diploma in computer engineering and an M.Sc. in communications engineering both with distinctions. My research interests include communications engineering, multimedia applications, network protocols, and distributed systems. I am the author of 16 referred publications in the mentioned fields.

Research Area

  • Multimedia and distributed systems
  • QoE-aware multimedia delivery using H.264 SVC
  • Quality-adaptive P2P video streaming
  • Advanced scheduling strategies for peer-assisted video-on-Demand
  • Underlay and ISP awareness for P2P networks

Selected Publications

Supervised Student Thesis

  • 16. Martin Kluge: Adaptive Server Allocation in SVC-based P2P Video-on-Demand Streaming (Master thesis)
  • 15. Julius Rückert: Quality Adaptation in Peer-to-Peer Video Streaming Based on QoE Metrics (Master thesis, September 2011, Thesis with distinction).
  • 14. Jan Wiese: Advanced Piece Management Mechanisms for P2P Video-on-Demand (Bachelor thesis, May 2010)
  • 13. Iason Parasiris: Media-aware Networking for Quality Adaptive P2P Streaming Systems. (Bachelor thesis, October 2010)
  • 12. Katharina Mohr: Enabling Resilient P2P Streaming Systems (Master thesis, October 2010, Thesis with distinction)
  • 11. Jonas Flick: Adaptive Resource Allocation Schemes for P2P Video-on-Demand. (Master thesis, October 2010, Thesis with distinction).
  • 10. Katharina Mohr: Media-aware Network using Network and Router Virtualization (Student thesis, October 2010)
  • 9. Jan Schejbal: Analysis and optimization of P2PStream, a distributed On-demand video streaming system (Bacherlor thesis, July 2010)
  • 8. Yue Sheng: Implementation and Evaluation of Advanced Algorithms for Scalable Video Streaming (Master thesis, April 2010)
  • 7. Markus Müller: Next Generation Trackers for P2P Streaming Systems (Master thesis, March 2010, Thesis with distinction)
  • 6. Martin Kluge: Implementation of a Scalable P2P Streaming Application (Bachelor thesis, March 2010)
  • 5. Yacine Fall. Survey of Streaming Mechanisms in P2P Systems (Studien thesis, December 2009)
  • 4. Pablo Civera: Implementation of a Measurement Framework for P2P Video Streaming Applications (Master thesis, December 2009)
  • 3. Eduardo Lidanski. Design and Implementation of a Video Streaming Plugin for Skype. (Bachelor thesis, October 2009, Thesis with distinction)
  • 2. Markus Bott. Scalable Video Streaming in P2P Networks. (Diploma thesis, July 2009)
  • 1. David de Antonio Villaverde. Underlay Awareness in Peer-to-Peer Overlay Networks. (Bachelo thesis, September 2008)

Date Title Name of the event Organiser Location
Oct 29, 2010Advanced Prefetching and Upload Strategies for P2P Video-on-Demand P2P Streaming WorkshopACM Multimedia 2010Florence, Italy
Oct 18, 2010Assessing QoS and QoE for Successful Video Delivery ETRI Status MeetingPeer-to-Peer Networks GroupDarmstadt, Germany
Apr 05, 2010Performance, Fairness and Availability in P2P Content Distribution Invited talkLancaster UniversityLancaster, UK
Mar 30, 2010System Control and Quality Adaptation in P2P Video Streaming 2nd Research TalkMultimedia Communication LabDarmstadt, Germany
Mar 10, 2010Requirement Analysis of Virtualized Management of P2P Systems VirtuRama Planery MeetingLeibniz Universität Hannover Hannover, Germany
Oct 26, 2009Quality Adaptive P2P Streaming using Scalable Video Coding MMNS 2009Manweek 2009Venice, Italy
Oct 15, 2009IPTV 2.0 Core Technologies and Concepts ETRI WorkshopMultimedia Communication Lab Darmstadt, Germany
Oct 09, 2009Building an SVC-based P2P Streaming Application Glab Status MeetingMultimedia Communication LabDarmstadt, Germany
Jul 06, 2009Future Internet P2P Video Streaming: Scalable Video Coding for Efficient Multimedia Systems ETRI WorkshopMultimedia Communication LabDarmstadt, Germany
May 29, 2009Underlay Awareness in P2P Systems. Techniques and Challenges HotP2P 2009IPDPS 2009Rome, Italy
Mar 30, 2009QoS Matching and Adaptation in P2P Video Streaming Research TalkMultimedia Communication LabDarmstadt, Germany
Mar 17, 2009SmoothIT Engineering and Test-bed Integration Status SmoothIT Planery MeetingThe SmoothIT ConsortiumAthens, Greece
Nov 18, 2008Adaptive P2P Video Streaming: A Test Application for Future Internet G-Lab Kickoff MeetingG-LabDagstuhl, Germany
Oct 07, 2008ISP Provided Information for Overlays: Classification and Analysis SmoothIT Planery MeetingThe SmoothIT ConsortiumLimassol, Cyprus
Jan 01, 1970[more] Savannah, USA

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