Philipp Achenbach, M.Sc.

Phone: +49 (0) 6151 16 29468
Location: S3|20 103
E-Mail: philipp.achenbach@...
ORCiD: 0000-0003-4948-4440

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Short Bio

Philipp completed his master's degree in mechatronics here at KOM in 2018 in the Serious Games research group. The title of his thesis was "Implementation of an IK approach for tracking body movements considering different aspects of perception". The thesis is about full-body reconstruction using Inverse Kinematics in the context of Virtual Reality.

He joined KOM as a research assistant in March 2019 and is doing research in the area of gesture recognition in the Serious Games group (more on this below). In addition, he is active in teaching (Communication Networks II and Serious Games).

Research Interests

My research topic is Gesture Detection for Sign Language Interpretation using Wearables and deals with the question of how to reliably recognize gestures while avoiding external observers, such as cameras, for privacy reasons. The approach to gesture recognition should be mobile and able to return qualitative feedback to the user. For this purpose, different parameters of the gesture have to be distinguished, e.g. hand shape, movement, place of execution of the gesture and orientation of the hand.
As a result of my research, I must address the following questions:

  • How do individual sensors impact recognition of hand shape?
  • How to determine the relative position of the performed gesture?
  • How to reliably determine a gesture’s start and end in continuous data?

In the context of my research, I am concerned with the following topics:

Related Topics

Through my affiliation with the serious games group, I always try to see my research in this context as well.


In addition to my research, I also supervise the following courses

I supervised the following theses during my time at KOM:

Supervised Theses

I am always looking for motivated students interested in writing a thesis in the field of gesture recognition and/or serious games. If you are interested, have a look at open theses or contact me with your own idea.

Theo Kastner-GuhlGenerierung einer dynamischen Baustellenumgebung anhand regelbasierten Restriktionen2020/03Bachelor
Martin WendeEntwicklung einer App zur Ermittlung des ökologischen Fußabdrucks im Kontext einer Mitfahrgelegenheit mit Hilfe von ML2020/08Master
Tobias Alexander WachKonzeption und Implementierung eines Fingergesten-gesteuerten Spiels2020/09Bachelor
Lea SchottErfassung einfacher Handformen mittels Elektromyografie unter Berücksichtigung verschiedener Konfigurationen2021/03Bachelor
Dennis PurdackEntwicklung und Evaluation zweier Ansätze zur Erkennung primitiver Handgesten anhand eines Leap Motion Controllers2021/04Bachelor
Marius KempfKonzeption und Entwicklung eines Mechanomyografie-Controllers zur Erkennung von einfachen Fingergesten2021/04Master
Sebastian WolfComparing the suitability of Decision Tree classifier and Support Vector Machines for hand gesture recognition2021/07Bachelor
Felix KloseRecognition of gesture movement, orientation and location using IMUs and Inverse Kinematics2021/08Master

In addition, I supervised many seminar and lab papers.