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Short Introduction

Pratyush Agnihotri joined the Master's course in Computer Science at TU Darmstadt in 2013. In his master thesis work, he proposed and developed a decentralized crowd-sensing data collection framework using Information-Centric Networking (ICN) concepts to deal with post-disaster challenges in communication. The thesis was done in joint-collaboration with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Zink, University of Massachusetts in Amherst, USA. After his graduation, he worked as a Software Developer at axxessio GmbH, Darmstadt in the application and research areas of Internet of Things (IoT), Smart City, Voice assistant. Since June 2021, he is working as a Research Scientist at the Multimedia Communication Lab and primarily associated with C2 subproject of DFG MAKI.

Research Interests

  •  Information-centric Networking
  •  Distributed Stream Processing 
  •  Autonomous Resource Management
  •  Software-defined Networking 

Current Projects

DFG: Collaborative Research Centre 1053 MAKI: I am working as Researcher for MAKI Subproject C2 which explores transitions in communication systems from an information-centric view. A central paradigm for information processing are event-based systems (EBS), which model the information flow as streams of events and help to recognize certain patterns over the event streams at runtime. The goal of C2 is to explore methods for transition-based adaptation of event-processing systems and thereby achieve a significant increase in the quality of service under dynamically varying conditions.

Parrot: Privacy Engineering for Real-Time Analytics in Human-Centered Internet of Things: I am working as Associated Researcher for Parrot project which is a collaborative research between the University of Oslo (Norway) and the Technical University of Darmstadt (Germany) funded by the Research Council of Norway (2020 – 2023). The aim of this project is to find user-centric methods for real-time privacy protection for stream processing applications.

Teaching Activities

Semester Course Role
Winter Semester 2021/22 Communication Networks 2 Teaching Assistant

Supervised Students

Student Topic Type SemesterStatus
William Scalable and Efficient Processing of Financial Data using CEP Bachelor Thesis (extern RUG) SS2022 In progress
Aastha, Sushmitha Learned Operator Parallelization and Stream Processing MMC Seminar SS2022 Completed
Chengbo, Xiangyu, Xingzhou Network Security Monitoring in SDN MMC Lab SS2022 Completed
Anton Performance Evaluation of Windows Join in Stream Processing System MMC Project SS2022 Completed
Sushmitha, Christian Query Processing and Performance Analysis using Flink MMC Lab SS2022 Completed
Carolien Braams Securing Publish/Subscribe in Software defined Networks Master Thesis (extern RUG) WS2021 Completed
Marvin Joos Hardware Accelerated Stream Processing MMC Seminar WS2021 Completed
Ali Acheche Resources Elasticity and Computation Offloading Techniques in Stream Processing Systems MMC Seminar WS2021 Completed
Corinna Augustin Telcaria Alviu: Network Traffic Monitoring and Profiling MMC Lab WS2021 Completed

Proseminar ETiT

Proseminar Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
TUCaN course ID: 18-sm-1000-ps
Organization: Pratyush Agnihotri

Open Thesis

I am looking for motivated students who are interested to work on cutting edge technologies and IoT applications area. If you are interested to write a Bachelor or Master Thesis or gain experience in MAKI project as HiWi then please feel free to contact me. Send your CV and Transcript or TUCaN grade list on my email address. 

Open Theses