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Supervised Theses

In 2017

  • Dirk Heinen: Blochchain in Finance - Transactions with and without Intermediate
  • Daniel Gutjahr: Blockchain & Smart Contracts - Enabler for New Business Models in Energy Markets
  • Paul Wiedenbeck: Finding a Compromise - Autonomous Negotiation on Blockchain-based Technologies
  • Hannes Güdelhöfer: Smart Parking - Development of a Blockchain-based Decentralized System

In 2016

  • Daniel Gutjahr: FinTech - Analysis of the New Digital Ecosystem in the Financial Sector
  • Karim Abousedera: Cost-efficient Selection of Cloud Providers under Consideration of QoS

In 2015

  • Marek Walasek: Towards Pricing Fairness in Cloud Services - Modelling the Energy Cost of Virtual Machines in Infrastructure Clouds
  • Florian Staubach: Dynamic Optimization of Interrelated Resource Allocation
    Decisions for Cloudlets
  • Svenja Knaf: Pricing in the Cloud Computing Market - An Analytical and Empirical Assessment of Infrastructure
  • Marvin Dickhaus: Reasons for the Usage of Cloud Computing and Requirements for cloud-based Applications
  • Benjamin Klein: Quality of Service Requirements of Mobile Cloud Applications - An Empirical Examination in the Financial Services Industry
  • Deniz Mohr: Cloud Data Center Selection - Development of a Heuristic Improvement Approach

In 2014

  • David Steffen: Cloud Data Center Selection - Development of Heuristic Approaches

In 2013

  • Klajd Agoli: Mutual Influence of Fuctional and Non-functional Properties in Service-based Systems (conjointly with Ulrich Lampe)
  • Sebastian Mihm: Cloud Data Center Selection - Development of a Heuristic Approach
  • Peter Jelesnak: Challenges in Cloud Gaming - Analysis of Dependencies between Server Load and Quality of Service Attributes
  • Martin Hellwig: Implementation and Evaluation of a Mobile Cloud Gaming System based on Android (conjointly with Ulrich Lampe)
  • Syed Hissam Aziz: Challenges in Mobile Cloud Gaming - An Analytical and Empirical Examination with a Focus on Energy Consumption (conjointly with Ulrich Lampe)

In 2012

  • Tayfun Atik: Data Storage in the Cloud - Implementation of a DaaS-Interface
  • David Dahlen: Data Storage in the Cloud - Analysis of Database as a Service (conjointly with Ulrich Lampe)