Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Kaune

Phone: +49-6151-166138
Location: S3|20 213

Email: Sebastian.Kaune@...

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Research Area

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) systems

  • Pricing and incentive management
  • Fairness, performance and availability issues in P2P-based content delivery networks
  • Large-scale measurements in P2P Systems
  • Benchmarking  methodologies for P2P Systems
  • Simulation frameworks for large-scale P2P Systems


Recent Works

  • Enabling Resilient P2P Video Streaming: Survey and Analysis. Osama Abboud, Konstantin Pussep, Aleksandra Kovacevic, Katharina Mohr, Sebastian Kaune, Ralf Steinmetz, In: Multimedia Systems '11 

  • Is Content Publishing in BitTorrent Altruistic or Profit-Driven? Ruben Cuevas, Michal Kryczka, Angel Cuevas, Sebastian Kaune, Reza Rejaie, Carmen Guerrero. CoNext '10

  • Unraveling BitTorrent's File Unavailability: Measurements and Analysis. Sebastian Kaune, Ruben Cuevas, Gareth Tyson, Andreas Mauthe, Carmen Guerrero and Ralf Steinmetz. P2P '10

  • The Seeder Promotion Problem: Measurements, Analysis and Solution Space. Sebastian Kaune, Gareth Tyson, Konstantin Pussep, Andreas Mauthe, Aleksandra Kovacevic and Ralf Steinmetz.  ICCCN '10 



  • Best Paper Award for ”Understanding BitTorrent’s Suitability in Various Applications an Environments”, IEEE COMP2P 2008
  • Doctoral degree (Dr.-Ing.) with distinction (summa cum laude)


Selected Scientific Activities

  • ACM Multimedia 2011 (Media transport and sharing),  TPC Member
  • Rational, Secure and private ad-hoc members (RASEP’11), PC Member
  • ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications (TOMCCAP), Reviewer since 2011
  • Elsevier Computer Networks Journal, Reviewer since 2008 

Research Topics

Distributed Incentive System


Date Title Name of the event Organiser Location
Feb 10, 2011Performance and Availability in Peer-to-Peer Content Distribution Systems: A Case for a Multilateral Incentive Approach Phd DefenseTU DarmstadtDarmstadt, Germany
Aug 25, 2010Unraveling BitTorrent's File Unavailability: Measurements and Analysis IEEE P2P '10TU DelftDelft, Netherlands
Aug 04, 2010The Seeder Promotion Problem: Measurements, Analysis and Solution Space IEEE ICCCN '10ETH ZurichZurich, Switzerland
Apr 05, 2010 Performance, Fairness and Availability in P2P Content Distribution Invited talkLancaster UniversityLancaster, UK
Feb 19, 2009Modelling the Internet Delay Space Based on Geographical Locations MSOP2P '09Weimar UniversityWeimar, Germany
Feb 16, 2009Multi-Torrent Collaboration System 9th Content Plenary MeetingEU Content NoEDarmstadt, Germany
Feb 02, 2009Underlay Metrics for Iterative Routing in the Kademlia DHT Invited talkRWTH AachenIstanbul, Turkey
Dec 10, 2008Cooperation in P2P Systems through Sociological Incentive Patterns IWSOS '083rd International Workshop on Self Organizing SystemsVienna, Austria
Oct 16, 2008Proximity Algorithms for Iterative Routing 8th Plenary MeetingEU CONTENTParis, France
Sep 11, 2008Embracing the Peer Next Door: Proximity in Kademlia IEEE P2P '08RWTH AachenSavannah, USA
Aug 27, 2008Understanding BitTorrent’s Suitability in Various Applications and Environments COM P2P '08The First International Workshop on Computational P2P Networks: Theory & PracticeAthens, Greece
Apr 17, 2008Modeling End-to-end Latencies for the Internet GI Research Seminar "Modeling Techniques for Computer Networks Simulation"RWTH AachenDagstuhl, Germany
Jan 21, 2008Incentives Schemes for Cooperation in Peer-to-Peer Content Distribution Networks Research TalkKOM - Multimedia Communications LabDarmstadt, Germany
Nov 06, 2007PeerfactSim - An Evaluation Platform for Large-scale Peer-to-Peer Systems 5-Folien-DemoKOM - Multimedia Communications LabDarmstadt, Germany
Jun 11, 2007Delivery, Caching and Replication Benchmarks 4th Plenary MeetingEU CONTENTCorfu, Greece
May 14, 2007Benchmarking Content Distribution Networks with PeerfactSim.KOM Benchmarking WorkshopInfoLab21, Lancaster UniversityLancaster, UK
Feb 17, 2007Simulating P2P Overlays with PeerfactSim.KOM: A Comparison Study Between Chord and Kademlia Content Phd Student WorkshopUniversidad Carlos III de MadridMadrid, Spain