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Actual Software developed at Multimedia Communications Lab:

  • CROKODIL - a learning environment for ressource-based Learning
  • DecentralizedDistTM - Decentralized collaborative flow monitoring in distributed SDN control-planes
  • docendo - Open Learning Content Authoring & Management
  • Escape From Wilson Island - A Serious Game for Collaborative Learning with a Game Master interface
  • FReSET.KOM - An Evaluation Framework for Folksonomy-based Recommender Systems
  • Horizon.KOM & RemoteHorizon.KOM – Open Vehicular Horizon Provider
  • MLApp.KOM - Mobile Learning App for Semantic MediaWiki
  • PeerfactSim: A Large Scale P2P Simulator (
  • PEDALE - Peer Education Diagnostic And Learning Environment
  • ShingleCloud library for approximate string matching
  • SIGMA - Self-configuring Intelligent Building Management System
  • SMTK - Smart Metering Tool Kit
  • SoCom.KOM - Social media Communication Middleware
  • StoryTec - Authoring Framework for the creation and cross-platform publishing of interactive applications and Serious Games
  • Woodment - A Serious Game for Collaborative
  • WS-Anon.KOM – A Dataset of Web Service QoS Measurements using Anonymity Networks
  • XAM4SWS.KOM – A Cross-Architectural Semantic Matchmaker
  • hRESTS-TC - A Collection of Semantic Service Descriptions

Corpora collected at Multimedia Communications Lab:

Sensor Datasets Collected at Multimedia Communications Lab:

Software developed at P2P Systems Engineering Lab

SmartNets: A mobile P2P-based video streaming application

Former Software Projects

For former Software projects @KOM see here.