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PEDALE runtime environment with the teacher observation panel fold out

PEDALE is a Peer Education Diagnostic And Learning Environment used by teachers during classroom instruction for the purpose of diagnostic assessment and instruction during repetition and practice phases and to help students close their gaps in the specific domain. The software package contains an authroign software to design the scenarios (test questions, duration and classroom setup) a priori and a software player which can load the designed scenarios, display the GUI to students and communicate with the central database containing the created and peers' solutions.

In our application projects we focus on 15-year-old students in secondary school and the domain of functional dependencies in mathematics as we have an underlying sophisticated diagnostic model as a basis for implementation. Each student uses an individual computer along with a digital pen. Each computer is connected to the network and a central database. The software is used for a fixed time period, depending on teacher's instruction and the scenario configuration.

PEDALE is applicable in various scenarios and for multiple content and class levels as the authroring environment does not limit the teacher to one subject (e.g. math).


You can download a prototypical installation package directly from our website:

Please follow the instructions in readme.txt for import and installation of database and authoring tool.


For questions regarding PEDALE please contact Stefan Göbel. For technical issues, please contact Johannes Konert.