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[AMW+21]Philipp Achenbach, Philipp Müller, Tobias Wach, Thomas Tregel, Stefan Göbel:
Rock beats Scissor: SVM based gesture recognition with data gloves. In: 2021 IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications Workshops and other Affiliated Events (PerCom Workshops), p. 617-622, March 2021. ISBN 978-0-7381-4348-4/21/$31.00.
[MAM+20]Philipp Müller, Philipp Achenbach, André Mihca Kleebe, Jan Ulrich Schmitt, Ute Lehmann, Thomas Tregel, Stefan Göbel :
Flex your muscles: EMG-based serious game controls. In: M. Ma, B. Fletcher, S. Göbel, J. Baalsrud Hauge, T. Marsh: Serious Games. JCSG 2020. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 12434, p. 230 - 242, Springer, October 2020.
[CHM+20]Polona Caserman, Katrin Hoffmann, Philipp Müller, Marcel Schaub, Katharina Straßburg, Josef Wiemeyer, Regina Bruder, Stefan Göbel:
Quality Criteria for Serious Games: Serious Part, Game Part, and Balance. In: JMIR Serious Games, vol. 8, no. 3, p. e19037, July 2020.
[SSB+20]Marcel Schaub, Katharina Straßburg, Regina Bruder, Polona Caserman, Stefan Göbel, Katrin Hoffmann, Philipp Müller, Erik Staub:
Quality Criteria For Serious Games Shown On Mathematical Education Games. In: 12th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies (Edulearn2020), p. 5882-5888, March 2020.
[HCS+20]Katrin Hoffmann, Polona Caserman, Marcel Schaub, Katharina Strassburg, Philipp Müller, Josef Wiemeyer, Regina Bruder, Stefan Göbel:
Qualitätskriterien für Serious Games am Beispiel Exergames. In: Fehr, U. & Werne, V. (Hrsg): Zukunftsperspektiven von Sportinformatik & Sporttechnologie im Leistungs- und Breitensport : Tagungsband zum 13. Symposium der dvs-Sektion Sportinformatik und Sporttechnologie am 25. & 26. September 2020 in Bayreuth, p. 88-89, January 2020.
[GGM+19]Stefan Göbel, Alvar Gamez-Zerban, Philipp Müller, Thomas Tregel, Andreas Gilbert, Jason Christian, David Schmoldt:
SG4Mobility: Educational Game for Environment-Friendly Mobility Behaviour. In: Proceedings of the 13th European Conference on Games based Learning, p. 261-270, academic conferences, October 2019.
[TMGS19]Thomas Tregel, Philipp Müller, Stefan Göbel, Ralf Steinmetz:
Looking for Charizard: applying the orienteering problem to location-based games. In: The Visual Computer, July 2019. ISSN 0178-2789.
[TMGS18]Thomas Tregel, Philipp Müller, Stefan Göbel, Ralf Steinmetz:
Where's Pikachu: Route Optimization in Location-Based Games. In: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Virtual Worlds and Games for Serious Applications, p. 81 - 87, IEEE, September 2018. ISBN 978-1-5386-7123-8.

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