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[GGM+19]Stefan Göbel, Alvar Gamez-Zerban, Philipp Müller, Thomas Tregel, Andreas Gilbert, Jason Christian, David Schmoldt:
SG4Mobility: Educational Game for Environment-Friendly Mobility Behaviour. In: Proceedings of the 13th European Conference on Games based Learning, p. 261-270, academic conferences, October 2019.
[TMGS19]Thomas Tregel, Philipp Müller, Stefan Göbel, Ralf Steinmetz:
Looking for Charizard: applying the orienteering problem to location-based games. In: The Visual Computer, July 2019. ISSN 0178-2789.
[GKM+19]Stefan Göbel, Robert Konrad, Florian Mehm, Polona Caserman, Thomas Tregel, Augusto Garcia-Agundez:
Serious-Games-Forschung und -Lehre in der Informatik. In: Björn Bartholdy, Linda Breitlauch, André Czauderna, Gundolf S. Freyermuth: Games studieren – was, wie, wo? , chap. Serious-Games-Forschung und -Lehre in der Informatik, p. 613-656, transcript Verlag, March 2019. ISBN DOI: 10.14361/9783839440322-042.
[CTF+18]Polona Caserman, Thomas Tregel, Marco Fendrich, Moritz Kolvenbach, Markus Stabel, Stefan Göbel:
Recognition of Full-Body Movements in VR-based Exergames using Hidden Markov Models. In: Joint International Conference on Serious Games, p. 191-203, Springer, November 2018.
[KTG18]Robert Konrad, Thomas Tregel, Stefan Göbel:
Game Design Principles in a Game Programming Framework. In: Stefan Göbel et al.: Serious Games - 4th Joint International Conference, JCSG 2018, vol. LNCS 11243, p. 248-252, Springer LNCS, November 2018.
[TGK+18]Thomas Tregel, Andreas Gilbert, Robert Konrad, Petra Schäfer, Stefan Göbel:
Examining approaches for mobility detection through Smartphone Sensors. In: Stefan Göbel, Augusto Garcia-Agundez, Thomas Tregel, Minhua Ma, Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge, Manuel Oliveira, Tim Marsh, Polona Caserman: Proceedings of the 4th Joint International Conference on Serious Games, p. 217- 228, Springer, November 2018. ISBN 978-3-030-02761-2.
[TGS18]Thomas Tregel, Stefan Göbel, Ralf Steinmetz:
Role-based Multiplayer Content Online Adaptation in Large-scale Scenarios. October 2018.
[TMGS18]Thomas Tregel, Philipp Müller, Stefan Göbel, Ralf Steinmetz:
Where's Pikachu: Route Optimization in Location-Based Games. In: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Virtual Worlds and Games for Serious Applications, p. 81 - 87, IEEE, September 2018. ISBN 978-1-5386-7123-8.
[GTSG19]Andreas Gilbert, Thomas Tregel, Petra Schäfer, Stefan Göbel:
Förderung von umweltfreundlichen Verkehrsmitteln durch Gamificatioon und Serious Games. In: BIH Köln, September 2018.
[TRGS17]Thomas Tregel, Lukas Raymann, Stefan Göbel, Ralf Steinmetz:
Geodata Classification for Automatic Content Creation in Location-based Games. In: Mariano Alcañiz, Stefan Göbel, Minhua Ma, Manuel Fradinho Oliveira Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge, Tim Marsh: Proceedings of the 3rd Joint International Conference on Serious Games, p. 212 - 223, Springer, November 2017. ISBN 978-3-319-70110-3.
[TAGS17]Thomas Tregel, Johannes Alef, Stefan Göbel, Ralf Steinmetz:
Towards Multiplayer Content Online Adaptation using Player Roles and their Interactions. In: Dr Maja Pivec, Dr Josef Gründler: Proceedings of The 11th European Conference on Games Based Learning, p. 677 - 686, Academic Conferences and Publishing International Limited, October 2017. ISBN 978-1-911218-56-2.
[HUTK17-2]Marianne Halblaub Miranda, Maria Ustinova, Thomas Tregel, Martin Knöll:
MoMe@school – A pilot study on a analytical and participatory tool for active learning spaces design. In: Journal of Urban Design and Mental Health, August 2017. ISSN 2398-4082.
[TRGS16]Thomas Tregel, Christian Reuter, Stefan Göbel, Ralf Steinmetz:
Generating Multiplayer Games for Interaction Learning using Game Design Patterns. In: Thomas Connolly, Liz Boyle: Proceedings of The 10th European Conference on Games Based Learning, p. 686 - 695, Academic Conferences and Publishing International Limited, October 2016. ISBN 978-1-911218-09-8.
[RTM+14]Christian Reuter, Thomas Tregel, Florian Mehm, Stefan Göbel, Ralf Steinmetz:
Rapid Prototyping for Multiplayer Serious Games. In: Carsten Busch: Proceedings of the 8th European Conference on Games Based Learning, p. 478-486, Academic Conferences Limited, October 2014. ISBN 978-1-910309-55-1.

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