Mobile Networking – Overview

KOM's Mobile Networking Group (MobNet), led by Dr.-Ing. Matthias Hollick, is engaged in the research area of seamless, mobile communication networks. Research within the MobNet group focuses on self-organizing mechanisms which enable dependable and QoS-aware communication in ad hoc, mesh and cellular networks.

In particular, our research agenda addresses the following topics:

  • Cross-layer optimization in wireless mesh networks.

  • Dependable routing in ad hoc, cellular, and mesh networks.
  • Hybrid architectures for ad hoc and cellular networks.
  • Overlay routing in mobile ad hoc networks.
  • Peer-to-peer concepts in mobile ad hoc networks.
  • Self-organization in ad hoc and mesh networks.

Our research projects and cooperations both reflect and emphasize collaborative efforts in these areas in our quest towards dependable and QoS-aware mobile networking.