Communication Services – Overview

Communication plays an important role in everyone’s life.
It pervades our daily business, as well as the private routine of each day.
Emerging technologies provide many alternative forms of communication.
Over the last years, there has been an increasing demand for efficient communication.
The main drivers of these developments include the need for communication everywhere and the mobility of users.
Time and money will be saved by both the caller and callee, through the elimination of unsuccessful communication attempts.

Our research focuses on context-aware communication services which provide an intuitive and user-centric approach towards communication.
This forms a major building block for ubiquitous seamless communication.
IP Telephony is the platform for our advanced communication services.
A context-aware communication service uses information taken from the environment, to provide automatic communication setup management.
Our research interests also include sensors and sensor aggregation networks, which allows us to sense and retrieve information about the current situation.


Determining the most optimal communication method within a specific situation is often a complex task.
By studying the apropriate behavior of a system within a specific situation, the targeted service provides the possibility for controlling complex tasks through the use of simple user commands.