Current Research Areas

Knowledge & Educational TechnologiesSelf-organizing Systems & Overlay Communications
  • Informal Learning
  • Mobile Knowledge Acquisition
  • Personalized Knowledge Acquisition
  • Learning Content Management and Authoring
  • Serious Games in Education
  • Web Artefact Analysis
  • Information Provision Services
  • Benchmarking of P2P Systems
  • Peer-to-Peer Multimedia Content Delivery
  • New Generation of Peer-to-Peer Applications
  • Monitoring and Management of P2P Systems
  • Design of Peer-to-Peer Search Overlay Networks
Mobile Systems & Sensor Networking
  • Intelligent Building Automation
  • Energy Efficiency in Home and Office Environments (Smart Energy)
  • Event-driven Context Collection and Processing
  • Participatory Sensing
  • Event-based Mobile Passenger Information Services and Sensor Networks in Logistics
  • Mobile Ad Hoc and Peer-to-peer Networking
  • Real-world Evaluation via Testbeds

Independent Working Group (Former Research Area)

Serious Games
  • (Learning) Content Authoring, Modularization and Re-Purposing
  • Authoring: Tools and Processes, Procedural Content Generation, Game Patterns
  • Control: Personalization and Adaptation, Game Balancing, Game Mastering, Controller (devices, VR, vital sensors)
  • Evaluation: Measurement of Effects and Affects, Sensing, Serious Games Analytics
  • Reference Model for Seroius Games, Metadata Format, Sliced Serious Games
  • Serious Game Technologies