GameDays, Events and Activities

The Serious Games group at the Multimedia Communications Lab is involved in a set of activities to promote the topic of Serious Games. This includes active participation in research activities from the GI (German association for Computer Science) as well as hosting events and conferences, for instance Game Jam's, very popular not only for students, as well as the GameDays.

The GameDays have been established in 2005 as “Science meets Business” event in the field of Serious Games, taking place on annual basis in Darmstadt, Germany. The principle aim is to bring together academia and industry and to discuss the current trends, grand challenges and potentials of Serious Games for different application domains. Since 2010, the academic part has been emphasized resulting in an international conference on Serious Games.

Further information about the GameDays - both the scientific part and the public part - is availabe at including links and resumes to the GameDays 2020, 2019, .. 


Since 2015, the GameDays international conference on Serious Games has been merged with SGDA (Int'l Conference on Serious Games Development and Applications) towards the Joint Conference on Serious Games (JCSG). Direct links to JCSG 2015 and JCSG 2016 as well as all previous GameDays and SGDA conferences are provided at

Furthermore, since 2013 we organize local gatherings for Game Jams like Ludum Dare. Game Jams are game development challenges, where video games with a predefined theme are created within three days. Further information about the Game Jams is available at


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