Talks and Presentations

Date Lecturer Title Name of the event Location
May 19, 2009Ralf SteinmetzA Look into the Future of Learning and Research at Leading German Technical Universities Kolloquium zur Ernennung Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Heiss zum HonorarprofessorBraunschweig
Oct 27, 2011 A Multi-Threshold Approach for Efficient and User-centric Event Transmission in Logistics Wireless Sensor Networks The 6th International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Applications (ICPCA)Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Jun 16, 2008 A Note on Practical Deployment Issues for Network Coding in the IEEE 802.16 MeSH Mode IEEE SECON 2008, WiNC WorkshopSan Francisco, USA
Mar 08, 2004Ralf SteinmetzA Notion of Peer-to-Peer Dagstuhl-Seminar on Peer-to-Peer Systems and -applicationsDagstuhl, Germany
Jun 26, 2006 A Peer-to-Peer Approach to Location-based Search Research DemoDarmstadt, Germany
Apr 08, 2006 A Peer-to-Peer Architecture for Location-based Services 2nd Workshop on Future Directions in Multimedia CommunicationDarmstadt, Germany
Mar 18, 2009 A Peer-to-Peer Recommender System with Privacy Constraints 3rd International Workshop on P2P, Parallel, Grid and Internet Computing (3PGIC-2009)Fukuoka, JapanDownload document
Aug 05, 2006 A Peer-to-Peer System for Location-based Services Peer-to-Peer Paradigm MinitrackPetropolis, Brasil
Mar 03, 2005 A Peer-to-Peer WebCamera Network GI/ITG-P2P Workshop 2005Kaiserslautern, Germany
Jul 08, 2014Christoph RensingA Q&A system considering employees‘ willingness to help colleagues and to look for help in different workplace-related situations IEEE ICALT 2014Athens, GreeceDownload document
Jun 27, 2006 A Requirements Analysis of Adaptations of Re-Usable (E-Learning) Content Ed-MediaOrlando, Florida, USA
Jul 24, 2004 A Role Model for Classification and Analysis of Internet Service Providers. International Conference on Telecommunication Systems Modelling and Analysis (ICTSM 12)Monterey, California
Nov 08, 2001 A Security Model for Multicast Group Integrity Management Third International Workshop on Networked Group Communication (NGC 2001)London, UK
Sep 06, 2006Sonja BergsträßerA Semantic Content Representation Supporting Re-Purposing of Learning Resources I-KNOW 06Graz, Austria
Jun 28, 2016 A Service Framework for Smart Mobility Scenarios MS 2016San Francisco, USA
Nov 09, 2004 A Service-oriented Architecture (SoA) based approach for supporting Distributed Workflows Workshop "SoA & distributed Workflows"Darmstadt, Germany
Oct 16, 2006 A Simulator for Large Scale Peer-to-Peer Networks CONTENT Plenary MeetingNaples, Italy
Oct 17, 2006 A Simulator for Large Scale Peer-to-Peer Networks CONTENT Kick-off MeetingNaples, Italy
Mar 01, 2006 A Survey of Real-World and Emulation Testbeds for Mobile Ad hoc Networks TridentCom 2006Barcelona, Spain
Sep 03, 2004 A Survey on Dependable Routing in Sensor Networks & Ad hoc Networks & Cellular Networks Euromicro 2004 Special Session: Wireless Sensor NetworksRennes, France