Talks and Presentations

Date Lecturer Title Name of the event Location
Dec 14, 2004 A System-oriented Approach to Efficiency and Quality of Service for Internet Service Providers PromotionsvortragDarmstadt, Germany
Sep 12, 2013 A Tale of Millis and Nanos - Time Measurement in Virtual and Physical Machines ESOCC 2013Málaga, Spain
Aug 03, 2010 A Testbed-based Analysis of the Incorrect Lookup Routing Attack on the Pastry DHT 10th Würzburg Workshop on IP: Joint ITG, ITC, and Euro-NF Workshop "Visions of Future Generation Networks" (EuroView2010)Würzburg, Germany
Aug 09, 2005 A Token-Based Accounting Scheme for Decentralized Autonomous Systems Eingeladener VortragToronto, Canada
Jan 18, 2006 A Transform for Multimedia and its Application to Multimedia Networking SPIE conference on Multimedia Computing and NetworkingSan Jose, USA
Jul 04, 2005 A Web Service Architecture for Workflows Enabling Quality of Service DoktorandenseminarDarmstadt, Germany
Sep 15, 2008Ralf SteinmetzAbschließende Anmerkungen zu neuen Geschäftsmodellen und Technologien Herbsttagung 2008Darmstadt, Germany
Sep 10, 2005 Accountabilty in Peer-to-Peer Systems Ph.D. ColloquiumLancaster, UK
Sep 01, 2004 Accounting For P2P Seminartag des Projekts "Preis- und Erlösmodelle im Internet - Umsetzung und MarktchancenFrankfurt (Main), Germany
Aug 24, 2004 Accounting for Peer-to-Peer Projekttag des Projekts "Market Management of Peer-to-Peer ServicesZurich, Switzerland
Nov 25, 2005 Accounting in Decentralised Systems Eingeladener VortragBudapest, Hungary
Apr 01, 2004 Achievements of the Engineering WP in MMAPPS MMAPPS ReviewBrussels, Belgium
Nov 29, 2011Stefan GöbelACM MM 2011 Panel Smart Games ACM Multimedia 2011Scottsdale, AZ, USADownload document
Feb 20, 2003 Ad hoc Communication Networks - State of the Art & Challenges Management TutorialMunich, Germany
Jul 06, 2004 Ad hoc Communication Networks - State of the Art & Research Challenges Vorlesung: Mobilität in verteilten Systemen (Prof. J. B. Schmitt)Kaiserslautern, Germany
Jun 30, 2003 Ad hoc Communication Networks - State of the Art & Research Challenges Ad hoc Lecture as part of KN-1Darmstadt, Germany
Jun 16, 2003 Ad hoc Communication Networks - State of the Art & Research Challenges Ad hoc Tutorial - Cooperation with ICU/ETRI KoreaDarmstadt, Germany
Nov 25, 2003 Ad Hoc Communication Networks:State of the Art & Challenges Fraport Symposium - Innovation in Information and Communication TechnologyFrankfurt (Main), Germany
Feb 19, 2009 Adaptability of Peer-to-Peer Systems: Scalability and Stability QuaP2P Project MeetingRossdorf, Germany
Sep 13, 2013Ralf SteinmetzAdaptation in Communications - A Crucial Technology for the Future Internet Systems and Networking SeminarUrbana-Champaign, IL, USA