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Date Lecturer Title Name of the event Location
Dec 08, 2014 Building of Cloud Collaborations within Cloud Markets Postgraduate SeminarDarmstadt, Germany
Dec 02, 2014 Bleep Bleep! Determining Smartphone Locations by Opportunistically Recording Notification Sounds MobiQuitousLondon, UK
Dec 01, 2014Christoph RensingTeilen von Web-Ressourcen und Aktivitäten im selbstgesteuerten Ressourcen-basierten Lernen eQualification - Workshop Potenziale der digitalen Medien für neue Wege des Teilens von WissenBerlin, Germany
Nov 26, 2014 How to access PMA- and other sensor abstraction components SIMPLI-CITY Consortium MeetingTurin, Italy
Nov 24, 2014 Audio-based Smartphone Sensing for User Context Detection and Support Darmstadt, Germany
Nov 14, 2014Christoph RensingAdaptivität von mobilen Lernanwendungen – Potenziale, Formen und Grenzen E-Learning Symposium 2014 PotsdamDownload document
Nov 05, 2014 Composition of Cloud Collaborations under Consideration of Non-Functional Attributes ICSOC 2014Paris, France
Nov 05, 2014 Heuristic Approaches for Robust Cloud Monitor Placement 12th International Conference on Service Oriented Computing (ICSOC 2014)Paris, France
Oct 20, 2014 Future of Information Systems eStudent Day – VDE Kongress FrankfurtFrankfurt (Main), Germany
Oct 10, 2014 Rapid Prototyping for Multiplayer Serious Games 8th European Conference on Games Based LearningBerlin, Germany
Oct 09, 2014Stefan GöbelALFRED presents Serious Games - Atuhoring, Control and Evaluation SGDA ConferenceBerlin, Germany
Oct 01, 2014 SADOku: Methoden zur domänen-abhängigen Strukturierung und Analyse unstrukturierter Textdokumente Software Campus Summit 2014Berlin, GermanyDownload document
Sep 19, 2014 Getting the Information You Need, When You Need It: A Context-aware Q&A System for Collaborative Learning EC-TELGraz, AustriaDownload document
Sep 18, 2014 Generic Sentence Classification: Examining the Scenario of Scientific Abstracts and Scrum Protocols 14th International Conference on Knowledge Technologies and Data-driven Business (iKNOW 2014)Graz, AustriaDownload document
Sep 16, 2014 Konzeption, Durchführung und Ergebnisse einer Usability-Studie zu einem Q&A-System für mobiles Lernen von Servicetechnikern Die e-Learning Fachtagung Informatik (DeLFI)Freiburg, Germany
Sep 11, 2014 Empirical Investigation of the Effect of the Door’s State on Received Signal Strength in Indoor Environments At 2.4 GHz LCN International Workshop on Performance and Management of Wireless and Mobile Networks (IEEE P2MNET 2014) Edmonton, Canada
Sep 11, 2014 Presence Detection, Identification and Tracking in Smart Homes Utilizing Bluetooth Enabled Smartphones LCN International Workshop on Wireless Local Networks (IEEE WLN 2014)Edmonton, Canada
Sep 11, 2014 A Concept for Vehicle Internet Connectivity for Non-Safety Applications LCN International Workshop On User MObility and VEhicular Networks (IEEE ON-MOVE 2014)Edmonton, Canada
Sep 08, 2014 Where is That Car Parked? A Wireless Sensor Network-Based Approach to Detect Car Positions LCN International Workshop on Practical Issues in Building Sensor Network Applications (IEEE SenseApp 2014)Edmonton, Canada
Sep 08, 2014 SMARTENERGY.KOM: An Intelligent System for Energy Saving in Smart Home LCN International Workshop on GlObal Trends in SMART Cities (IEEE goSMART 2014)Edmonton, Canada