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Date Lecturer Title Name of the event Location
Nov 29, 2013 Sensor Abstraction and Interoperability Interfaces SIMPLI-CITY Consortium MeetingBologna, Italy
Nov 19, 2013Ralf SteinmetzTransition and Adaptation in Communications Research ForumOttawa, Canada
Nov 11, 2013 QoS- and Security-Aware Composition of Cloud Collaborations Postgraduate SeminarDarmstadt, Germany
Nov 07, 2013Stefan GöbelSerious Games VIWIS e-Learning Bildungsforum 2013Billerbeck
Nov 07, 2013Ralf SteinmetzLaudatio Rotary Förderpreis Verleihung des Rotary Förderpreises 2013Darmstadt, Germany
Oct 28, 2013Ralf SteinmetzResearch for the Future Internet Horizont 2020Darmstadt, Germany
Oct 28, 2013Ralf SteinmetzCollaborative Research Centre: SFB MAKI EFL Board MeetingFrankfurt (Main), Germany
Oct 24, 2013Ralf SteinmetzTOMCCAP Status Report SIGMM Business MeetingBarcelona, Spain
Oct 23, 2013 Data Filtering for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Forecasting and Value of Information The 38th IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN)Sydney, Australia
Oct 21, 2013 Going All the Way - Detecting and Transmitting Events with Wireless Sensor Networks in Logistics Eighth IEEE LCN International Workshop on Practical Issues in Building Sensor Network Applications (IEEE SenseApp 2013)Sydney, Australia
Oct 04, 2013 Designing a Collaborative Serious Game for Team Building Using Minecraft ECGBL 2013Porto, PortugalDownload document
Oct 04, 2013 Evaluation of Adaptive Serious Games using Playtraces and Aggregated Play Data 7th European Conference on Games Based LearningPorto, Portugal
Sep 26, 2013Stefan GöbelSerious Games and Gamification Engineering- und IT-Tagung - ZusammenarbeitBerlin, GermanyDownload document
Sep 21, 2013Christoph RensingInvestigating Crowdsourcing as an Evaluation Method for TEL Recommenders European Conference of Technology enhanced LearningPaphos, CyprusDownload document
Sep 19, 2013 How Serious Games help Solving the Problems of the Future ClubmeetingDarmstadt, Germany
Sep 19, 2013Stefan GöbelSerious Games – spielerische Ansätze für den Tourismus, Bildung und Gesundheit Konferenz TourismusDarmstadt, Germany
Sep 13, 2013Ralf SteinmetzAdaptation in Communications - A Crucial Technology for the Future Internet Systems and Networking SeminarUrbana-Champaign, IL, USA
Sep 12, 2013 A Tale of Millis and Nanos - Time Measurement in Virtual and Physical Machines ESOCC 2013Málaga, Spain
Sep 11, 2013 Selecting Cloud Data Centers for QoS-Aware Multimedia Applications ESOCC 2013Málaga, Spain
Sep 11, 2013 Application of Stable Marriage Algorithms and the Cooperative Game Theory to the Building of Cloud Collaborations ESOCC 2013Málaga, Spain