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Date Lecturer Title Name of the event Location
Jan 01, 1970 [more] Savannah, USA
May 30, 2008 Load Balancing for Multimedia Streaming in Heterogeneous Peer-to-Peer Systems ACM NOSSDAV 2008BraunschweigDownload document
Apr 05, 2010 Performance, Fairness and Availability in P2P Content Distribution Invited talkLancaster, UK
Nov 21, 2008 "Services to Go" (Service mashup mobile application) Demo Presentation DB Systel MeetingDarmstadt, Germany
Jul 05, 2006 (E-Learning) Content Re-Use based on Adaptations Treffen bei SAPDarmstadt, Germany
May 07, 2012 (Text) Analysis and Structuring of unstructured Web Content Postgraduate Seminar - Current Research Topics in Multimedia CommunicationsDarmstadt, Germany
Feb 22, 2007Jan Hansen(Wieder-)Verwendung digitaler Lerneinheiten unter urheberrechtlichen Gesichtspunkten Integriertes Wissensmanagement an HochschulenMannheim, Germany
May 15, 2007Doreen Mann1. Forschungsvortrag Graduiertenkolleg KolloquiumDarmstadt, Germany
Jan 27, 2009Doreen Mann2. Forschungsvortrag Graduiertenkolleg KolloquiumDarmstadt, Germany
May 28, 2009Ralf Steinmetz2009 – alles neu? GameDays 2009Darmstadt, Germany
Apr 07, 2006 2011: A Mobile Communication Odyssey Kolloquium Multimedia Kommunikation 2006Darmstadt, Germany
Nov 28, 2008Ralf Steinmetz2018: Communications and Services for Next Generation Networks Kolloquium Informatik und WirtschaftsinformatikFreiburg, Germany
May 13, 2004 3G-WLAN Interworking - NS2 Implementation of IEEE 802.11(f) Panasonic KolloquiumLangen, Germany
Jan 31, 2005 802.16 Revisited - A Case for Mesh Networks Project MeetingMunich, Germany
Jul 12, 2005 802.16 Security Project MeetingDarmstadt, Germany
Feb 13, 2006 802.16 Security Update Project MeetingMunich, Germany
Feb 13, 2006 802.16: Insights obtained MobQos Treffen - MuenchenMunich, Germany
Jun 10, 2004Ralf Steinmetz???? Campus Projekt MeetingStuttgart, Germany
Oct 28, 2011 A Cloud-Oriented Broker for Cost-Minimal Software Service Distribution 2nd Optimising Cloud Services WorkshopPoznan, Poland
Mar 23, 2012 A Cluster-Based Locality-Aware Mobile Peer-to-Peer Architecture The Eighth International Workshop on Mobile Peer-to-Peer Computing (MP2P'12) Lugano, Swiss