Replication in Mobile P2P Networks

June 18, 2012 – ,


The technological progress in the area of mobile communication has led to an increased usage of mobile handheld devices in our daily life. Reasons for this trend are the versatile capabilities of these devices, comprising computational power and wireless communication capabilities, which enable the consumption of new services, such as IPTV or location-based services, anytime and anywhere. To counteract the resulting traffic in infrastructure-based wireless networks, the establishment of mobile peer-to-peer (P2P) networks can help to reduce this traffic. These mobile P2P networks can be used (1) to offload overloaded cellular infrastructures, (2) to implement direct communication between mobile devices without the indirection of a base station (which might be interesting for location-based services or for mobile social networks), and (3) as alternative in disaster scenarios.

Problem Statement

To offer the placement, lookup, and retrieval of content even in those highly dynamic environments, adequate content management strategies must be investigated. With the focus on content replication strategies, an appropriate strategy must keep content available, while respecting the scarce resources of the communication devices and the characteristics of the wireless communication techniques.
Therefore, the goal of this thesis is to develop a new replication mechanism for mobile P2P networks, which exhibits the aforementioned functionality and enables the availability of content in mobile P2P networks at low costs.


  • Get into the topic of content replication in mobile P2P networks
  • Develop a new replication mechanism for mobile P2P networks
  • Design appropriate experiments for a thorough evaluation
  • Evaluate and compare the developed replication mechanism with other mechanisms on top of a simulated mobile P2P network


3/6 months, starting now


  • Motivation and analytical skills to investigate on interesting research topics
  • Basic knowledge about computer networks (e.g. from KN x or TK x)
  • Basic knowledge about P2P systems
  • Good programming skills in Java



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Keywords: Mobile P2P; Replication; Content; Smartphones; WiFi ad hoc

Research Area(s): Self-organizing Systems & Overlay Communications

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Student: Fabio Zöllner

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