Challenges in Mobile Cloud Gaming - An Analytical and Empirical Examination with a Focus on Energy Consumption

January 03, 2013 – ,


With the advent of cloud computing, various types of Information Technology (IT) services – ranging from simple storage infrastructure to sophisticated software suites – are increasingly delivered as a commodity over the Internet. Lately, this trend has reached the video gaming industry and resulted in a new service model called cloud gaming.

In cloud gaming, video games are centrally executed in on a server in a cloud data center. The resulting audio/video stream is captured and sent to the client, e.g., a smartphone or traditional stationary PC, which acts as simplistic input and playback device. This eliminates the need for costly investments in cutting-edge hardware, but also poses new challenges.

The aim of this thesis is to empirically and analytically examine potential problems in the context of mobile cloud gaming. Aspects of interest include energy consumption, latency, and financial cost. Based on the results, conclusions shall be drawn with respect to the technical and economic feasibility of mobile cloud gaming.

Individual Tasks

  • Identify potential problem areas in mobile cloud gaming
  • Deduce methods to empirically and analytically examine these problem areas
  • Discuss and interpret the results and provide ideas on future work

Start / Duration

Start as soon as possible / 3-6 months, depending on the type of thesis and course of study

Basics / Requirements

  • Vordiplom or >= 5th semester in a Bachelor’s course of study
  • Basic knowledge of Cloud Computing is beneficial, but not required

Keywords: mobile, cloud, gaming

Research Area(s): Service-oriented Computing

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Student: Syed Hissam Aziz

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