Collaborative and adaptive learning and evaluation system for competitive video games exemplified by Starcraft 2

April 01, 2013 – ,

In this thesis a collaborative and adaptive learning and evaluation system will be conceptualized and prototypically implemented and evaluated to investigate the possibilities and limitations of adaptational learning pahtes by performance metrics measurement in replay data of collaborative round-based muiltiplayer games.

Thus the student will research existing concepts and learning theories, investigate the possible metrics to extract from replay data and develop hypothesises about the relation of metrics and learning effects/progress of users.

This metrics can be found by theoretical literature, drawn from other studies or be found by expert interviews.

A prototypical implementation of such a system may be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the new apporach compared to static learning pathes.

Keywords: social learning system; serious gaming; social media based learning;

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Student: Sebastian Daniel Denel

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