Communication Networks I – Dual Mode (Traditional Approach)

Short Description

This semester, the course "Communication Networks I" is offered solely as an E-Learning Lecture, as of now. Earlier, the lectures used to be held physically and the recording/exercise were also uploaded on Moodle. This is related to the process of the University of Darmstadt to become a Dual Mode University. We used to call this part of the lecture "kn1-online".

To participate in our Dual Mode Courses it is necessary to hold an account from the Hochschulrechenzentrum (HRZ), which each student receives from the HRZ in line with the registration. Your can find more information about the HRZ account at HRZ pages. To check your account please follow this link to Moodle. If you just created an account notice that it takes about a day to activate it until it can be used to authenticate for the Learning Management System.

If you are not a student of the TU Darmstadt contact: moodle@tu...

Please use for the user authentication inside the learning management system your username and password which you received from the HRZ. Please take into consideration that a working Email address is mandatory! Follow the direct link to the login page of Moodle.

The basic element of the lecture will be the lessons in the lecture hall but the "heart" will be on the KN1 Moodle. 

In the KN1 Moodle you will have access to:

  • further information on topics covered by the lecture
  • content as slides (pdf)
  • content as recordings (with audio, video, annotations and slides)
  • exercises (pdf)
  • detailed schedule
  • information about exam
  • ...

Technical Requirements

To use all online learning facilities you need to have:

  • a computer with access to the internet
  • a common browser
  • a media player to watch the recordings