Communication Networks – Frequently asked questions

    • Where do I find all up-to-date information regarding the exam?
      Refer to Exam Page.
    • Which eligibility requirements need to be fulfilled in order to participate in the exam?
      Refer to Exam Page for more details about the requirements, registration as well as organisation of the exam.
    • Which topics are relevant to the exam, and what is the focus?
      All the topics from the lecture and the exercises can be relevant to the exam. We encourage the students to identify the focus themselves as part of the learning process.
    • In which form does the exam take place, a written exam or an oral exam?
      The exam has been a written exam since SS 2002. Without further notice, a written exam is mandatory for all registered students. Still, we reserve the right to organize an oral exam in case there are not enough participants. An authoritative statement will be given timely before the exam date. For details, see Exam Page.
    • I am an Erasmus student and I will have to leave before the exam date. What should I do?
      If you are an Erasmus student and have to leave before the exam date, please contact the teaching assistants team as soon as possible at the beginning of the semester. We will try to organize an earlier exam appointment for such cases and announce this accordingly. Too late notification from you will not be considered.  
    • How is the exam carried out?
      The exam is in English. The duration of the exam is 120 Minutes. You are allowed to bring into the exam: a non-programmable calculator, pens (avoid the red color as it is used to correct your exam). Further aids are not allowed. The solution is to be written directly on the exam sheets. If you need more working sheets during the exam, you can request them directly from the exam supervisors.
    • What is the best way to prepare for the exam?
      We can only give you principle guidelines since each student has to find his own effective learning style: we encourage the students to actively participate in the lecture, read the "Tanenbaum: Computer Networks" book as well as other recommending literature to solidify your understanding and to answer your open questions which are not handled in the lecture. The exercise is also very helpful for your learning process. Furthermore, we recommend the students to form learning groups and make use of the learning mediums (slides, recordings) provided by us.
    • Is there any sample for the exam?
      The problems in the exam are comparable to the problems handled in the exercises. 
    • I have some questions during my exam preparation which I cannot answer, what should I do now?
      The first thing, you should try to consult the lecture slides/books carefully again and discuss your question with your teammates. In case your question is still not answered, use the forum in Moodle platform to post your questions. Your questions will be discussed together with other fellow students and the tutors; the teaching assistants team also monitors the forum frequently. 
    • I cannot find my question in the FAQ, to whom should I direct my question?  
      Please send an E-mail to your respective teaching assistants team KN1 Team or KN2 Team.