Multimedia Communications Lab / Project

Multimedia Communications Lab I/II, Multimedia Communications Project I/II
TUCaN course ID: 18-sm-1020-pr, 18-sm-2070-pr, 18-sm-1030-pj, 18-sm-2080-pj, 18-sm-2130-pr
Organization: Daniel Bischoff
, Tim Steuer, Julian Zobel
Contact: lab-project@kom...


Due to the current situation of COVID 19, we have all our appointments online.


The Multimedia Communications Lab / Project is offered both in the summer and in the winter term. Students can choose from a wide variety of topics covering all research areas of KOM. All topics (lab and project) are introduced by the respective supervisor during a kickoff seminar at the beginning of each semester. Based on the scope and complexity of the task, it is offered either as lab or as project targeting bachelor or master students in electrical engineering and computer science (more information on the difference between a lab and a project).

Students attending the lab or project should have prior experience in an object-oriented programming language such as Java. Lectures covering basic networking technologies and protocols (e.g., Communication Networks, Net Centric Systems) are also highly recommended. Individual tasks might have more specific requirements, which are stated in the task description.

Since 2021, the Multimedia Communications Lab / Project is being held in moodle. Thus, if you register in TUCaN, you will be able to see the respective moodle course. If, for any reason, you have registered in TUCaN but you cannot join the moodle class, please contact us. All organizational information as well as the possibility to discuss the topics directly with the respective supervisors is provided during an online kickoff meeting (link provided in moodle).

Below, you will find all important dates and deadlines of the lab / project. Make sure to meet the registration deadline with KOM — otherwise, you cannot participate in the lab / project!



Dates and Deadlines (WS 2021/2022)

The following dates and deadlines are mandatory for all participants. There will be no weekly meeting as stated by TUCaN, you need to agree on individual meetings with your respective supervisor once the task assignment is done.

Tuesday, 19.10.2021, 13:30 - 15:00 (Online Meeting) - Kickoff Event and Consultation Hour
All organizational aspects of the lab will be explained and open questions are addressed by the organizers. Afterwards, all available topics are briefly introduced by the respective tutors in a one minute madness session. After that session, there is an open consultation hour where you can talk to the tutors and clarify any questions regarding the topic itself or the organization of the lab. The Online Registration will be unlocked after the Lab Kickoff. Attendance during the kickoff event is optional, but highly recommended!

The link for the Online-Meeting will be provided via Moodle.

Thursday, 21.10.2021, 18:00 CET - Deadline for the Online Registration (registration will be open after the kick off)
Until this deadline, you need to register with us using the registration form in Moodle. Later registrations cannot be accepted. We encourage you to talk to our tutors during the kickoff event to clarify the topics as well as any organizational issues prior to registration! We will notify you of the final task assignment by the end of the week. More information on the registration process is provided in the Moodle Course.

Sunday, 07.11.2021, 23:59 CET - Problem Formulation (Video Pitch) Submission Deadline (more Information)
Submit your video pitch containing your Problem Formulation via the Moodle course. More Information on the expected form and content of the presentation is provided in the Kickoff Event.

Sunday, 28.11.2021, 23:59 CET - Design/Approach (Video Pitch) Submission Deadline (more Information)
Submit your video pitch containing your Design/Approach via the Moodle course. More Information on the expected form and content of the presentation is provided in the Kickoff Event.

Sunday, 13.02.2022, 23:59 CET - Report Submission Deadline (more information)
Submit your final project/lab report as well as your presentation slides on Moodle; additionally send it to your supervisor, CC to lab-project(at) More information on the expected form and content of the report is provided on the report information page.

Tuesday, 15.02.2022, 13:30 (Online Meeting) - Final Presentation Seminar (more information)
During the final presentation seminar, you have 15 minutes time to present your solution and (optionally) give a short demonstration. After that, there will be time for discussion. Again, participation in the discussion will be graded, and attendance during all talks is mandatory.

The link for the Online-Meeting will be provided via Moodle.