A multitude of seminars is offered by KOM and its associated chairs, allowing students to deepen their knowledge in their fields of interest. During a seminar, students learn how to read and understand scientific publications, how to structure knowledge, and how to write a research paper on their findings. Additional to the submission of a paper, students are required to present their work to the other participants and supervisors. Thereby, students obtain important soft-skills for their future career.

Currently offered seminars

Proseminar ETiTKOMXX

Seminar Multimedia Communications 1/2
(Track: Adaptive Communication Systems,
former: Advanced Topics in Future Internet Research)

Seminar Multimedia Communications 1/2
(Track: Educational Technologies,
former: Current Topics in Web Applications, Information Management, and Semantics)
Serious Games SeminarKOMXX

Contents in a Nutshell

Proseminar ETiT

The Proseminar ETiT (TuCaN ID 18-sm-1000-ps) addresses B.Sc. students of Electrical Engineering disciplines and covers various topics from the fields of computer science and electrical engineering. All further information is available through the Proseminar ETiT homepage.

Seminar Multimedia Communications 1/2

The seminar "Multimedia Communications Seminar" is targeted at students of electrical engineering and computer science, as well as related courses of study such as WI-ET or Wirtschaftsinformatik. It is open to both bachelor and master/diploma students.

 The seminar comprises two different tracks and offers topics in both tracks:


  • Adaptive Communication Systems (former Advanced Topics in Future Internet Research)
  • Educational Technologies (former Current Topics in Web Applications, Information Management and Semantics; Seminar Educational Technologies)

 Additionally, the seminar conveys the necessary methodology needed for solid scientific work. This part is the same across the different tracks and will be taught by video lectures + exercises.

Serious Games Seminar

Serious Games Seminar
TUCaN course ID: 20-00-0328-se

In this seminar (offered both in the summer and in the winter term), the students will analyze and discuss the current state of the art on (game) technology and design in the context of serious games.

The topics relate to current research questions in the field, partly in cooperation with partners from the games industry and/or serious sames users, and are associated to the following areas:

  • Digital Storytelling and Adventure Games
  • Multiplayer and Collaborative Gaming
  • Game Content Generation
  • Exergames and Games for Health
  • Mobile and Urban Health Games
  • Evaluation and Measurement of Effects