Current available thesis topics

Generally I am glad, when you already bring your own idea in the topic areas mentioned on main side (Research interest). It often happens, that students tell me "I want to do a bachelor/master thesis, but I do not know what". This is not a major problem: We can give you many hints and ideas for your thesis, but your own idea might be even more motivating and the results are probably outstanding.

Our research group Knowledge Media mostly conducts application driven research. This means, beside using your strong knowledge of information science topics for theories, you will likely implement a prototype of your new software model and evaluate the impact.

If you are interested in the research field, do not hesistate and contact me.

Sometimes open topics of mine are listed in the KOM-list of open thesis topics, but mostly they are printed and stitched to the wall of open theses in building S3|20 (first floor, right side).

Current open topics include e.g.

  • Extraction of Learning targets (outcome) from course-descriptions (module/seminar, etc.)
    (NLP and semantic extraction topic)
  • Mapping of Learning ressources (e.g. websites, videos) to a given topic topology
    (graph-creation topic)
  • Graph-based Learning Group Formation (semantically, but no ontologies)
    graph-algorithm topic)
  • Learning Target Visualization (assistance in selection and progress visualization, web-based)
    (based on graph-structures, a GUI/guidance topic)


open all open thesis topics offered by Johannes Konert (database entries are not complete!)

Currently not available:

  • Player Matching and Group Formation Algorithms (done)
  • Achievementsystems for Game and Community combined (done)
  • Videocast Streaming from Game to Web (done, but not yet technically sophistiacted implementable)
  • Social Dilemma Game Strategy Analysis (not a focus any more)
  • Content-Rating for Game-Based Learning (currently no base system available)



Lately supervised thesis topics (excerpt)


open full list of thesis' supervised by Johannes Konert

Books 2016

Chapters on Social Network Games and Content Creation. In: Entertainment Computing and Serious Games, Dagstuhl Series, Springer (2016)
Chapter on Multiplayer Serious Games. In: Serious Games Foundations, Springer (2016)

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