Research towards Seamless Multimedia Communications

Seamless multimedia communication has the potential to create a future where people from all over the world live, collaborate, and communicate independent of geographical constraints. The communication and information systems that support this collaboration have to be performant, dependable, secure, and adaptable to user requirements.

Therefore, future architectures for the Internet have to provide and utilize Quality of Service mechanisms. We actively investigate these in the scope of context-aware heterogeneous IP-based infrastructures, including advanced peer-to-peer and ad hoc networking technology. Innovative multimedia service interfaces and gateways facilitate the required seamless communication.

Our research towards this vision is centered on different technologies. While focusing on science, we never lose sight of applications, and user requirements. Therefore our focus is on carefully selected application areas.

Different foundations and basic concepts are explored spreading our application areas and technology areas. To proof our results we implement prototypes and use different evaluation methodologies. We also participate in the development of evaluation methodologies.

Our projects are funded by different sources ranging from national and international public funding up to industry.

An extensive description of research and teaching at KOM you can find here in German.