Dr.-Ing. Parag Mogre

Phone: +49-6151-166112
Location: S3|20 212

Email: Parag.Mogre@...

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Research Area

Mobile Networking

Sensor Networks

  • Mesh Networks
  • IEEE 802.16 MeSH mode, WiMAX
  • Crosslayer Optimization
  • Centralized & Distributed Scheduling
  • Network Coding in Mesh Networks
  • QoS support in wireless mesh networks
  • Infrastructures for e-Commerce

Research Topics

Joint Routing, Scheduling, and Network Coding in Wireless Mesh Networks


Date Title Name of the event Organiser Location
Oct 13, 2009Mobile Networking Selected QoS Research: With Focus on WiMAX Relay Networks HUAWEI/TUD MeetTU DarmstadtDarmstadt, Germany
Jun 03, 2009WiMAX Mesh Architectures and Network Coding Invited TalkNEC Labs EuropeHeidelberg, Germany
Oct 15, 2008CORE: Centrally Optimized Routing Extensions for the IEEE 802.16 Mesh Mode IEEE LCN 2008IEEEMontreal, Canada
Feb 13, 2006802.16: Insights obtained MobQos Treffen - MuenchenSiemens AGMunich, Germany
Dec 23, 2005Research Demo Mesh networks Wimax Intel Education Europe - Mobile competence centerKOM/TUDDarmstadt, Germany
Sep 22, 2005MobQoS mesh network research TUD-INTEL meetKOMDarmstadt, Germany
Jul 13, 2005IEEE 802.16 tutorial and research issues MobQoS Treffen -DarmstadtKOMDarmstadt, Germany
Jul 12, 2005IEEE 802.16 tutorial and research issues MobQoS Treffen -DarmstadtKOMDarmstadt, Germany
May 25, 2005QoS and Lower bounds on effort in mesh networks Gemeinsamer Workshop der GK InformatikDFG, GKECDagstuhl, Germany
Feb 28, 2005A Dynamic Network Architecture for Cellular Access Networks KiVS05KiVS05Kaiserslautern, Germany
Jan 31, 2005Case for Mesh Networks MobQoS Treffen -MuenchenSiemens AGMunich, Germany
Sep 23, 2004The Case for a Near-Optimal Multiclass Minimum-delay Routing Algorithm MobQoS Treffen -MuenchenSiemens AGMunich, Germany