Alaa Alhamoud, M. Sc.

Phone: +49 (0) 6151 16 20496

Location: S3|20 213

E-Mail: Alaa.Alhamoud@...

Research Interests

Distributed Sensing Systems

  • Ambient Intelligence: Smart Homes and Smart Living Environments
  • Wireless Sensor Networks for Human Activity Detection and Prediction
  • Forecasting of long-term and short-term power consumption of individual buildings
  • Multi-Label Classification
  • Recommender Systems for Energy Savings in Smart Homes

Professional Activities

Reviewer for following international conferences, workshops, and journals:

  • IEEE 78th Vehicular Technology Conference: VTC-Fall, 2013
  • IEEE 77th Vehicular Technology Conference: VTC-Spring, 2013

Supervised Students

  • Shadi Shahoud: "Enhancing Predictive Performance of Multi-Label Classification by Extracting, Representing and Exploiting Label Dependency in Multi-Label Datasets", Master thesis
  • Chadi Izzou Rhaibani: "Occupancy Detection and Prediction based on Fine-granular Power Consumption Profiles", Master thesis
  • Hatem Khalloof: "An Extensive Analytical Study of Dataport Electricity Dataset for Accurately Predicting Short- and Long-Term Power Consumption and Generation Trends", Master thesis
  • Hosam Nima: "Situation Detection based on Activity Recognition in Disaster Scenarios", Master thesis
  • Vaidehi Muradi: "Activity Recognition in Multi-User Environments Using Techniques of Multi-Label Classification", Master thesis
  • Wael Alkhatib: "Hybrid Large Scale Power Consumption Forecasting", Master thesis
  • Tomislav Hasan: "Scalable Distributed Smart Home Monitoring and Auto-configuration", Master thesis
  • Dan Le: "Activities Recognition in Multi-User Environments", Master thesis
  • Pei Xu: "An Extensive and In-depth Analytical Study of Tracebase 2.0 Dataset", Master thesis
  • Felix Rüttiger: "Design and Implementation of an Energy Savings Framework in Smart Homes based on Wireless Sensor Networks", Master thesis
  • Haitham Afifi: "The Development of an Empirical Model for Wi-Fi Signal Propagation in Indoor Environments", Bachelor thesis

Selected Publications

Alaa Alhamoud, Pei Xu, Andreas Reinhardt, Frank Englert, Philipp Scholl, Doreen Böhnstedt, Ralf Steinmetz:Extracting Human Behavior Patterns from Appliance-level Power Consumption Data.   In: Tarek F. Abdelzaher, Nuno Pereira, Eduardo Tovar: Wireless Sensor Networks - 12th European Conference, {EWSN} 2015, Porto, Portugal, February 9-11, 2015. Proceedings, vol. 8965, p. 52--67, Springer - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, February 2015. ISBN 978-3-319-15581-4.

Alaa Alhamoud, Felix Ruettiger, Andreas Reinhardt, Frank Englert, Daniel Burgstahler, Doreen Böhnstedt, Christian Gottron, Ralf Steinmetz:
SMARTENERGY.KOM: An Intelligent System for Energy Saving in Smart Home.  In: Proceedings of the 3rd IEEE LCN International Workshop on GlObal Trends in SMART Cities (IEEE goSMART 2014), p. 685-692, IEEE Xplore, September 2014. ISBN 978-1-4799-3784-4.




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