Dr.-Ing. Christian Groß

Managing Director
DFG Collaborative Research Centre 1053 MAKI
Multi-Mechanismen-Adaption für das künftige Internet


Head of
Adaptive Overlay Communications Group

Phone: +49 (0) 6151 16 - 70834
Location: S3|20 216




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Short Bio

Christian Groß, M.Sc., studied Computer Science at Technische Universität Darmstadt and graduated as Master of Science in April 2009 with his thesis "Development and Evaluation of a Monitoring Framework for P2P Systems". Currently, he is a research assistant at the Multimedia Communications Lab (KOM) at Technische Universität Darmstadt. His research focus is on energy efficiency of overlays for fixed and wireless communication systems as well as on peer-to-peer location-based services.

From 2009 to 2011 he participated in the EU project "SmoothIT - Simple Economic Management Approaches of Overlay Traffic in Heterogeneous Internet Topologies”. From 2009 to 2012 he was part of the DFG funded researcher group "QuaP2P - Quality Improvement of Peer-to-Peer Systems". Since October 2012 he is leading the "Adaptive Overlay Communications" group at KOM. Furthermore, since January 2013 he is member of executive board of the newly DFG funded Collaborative Research Centre 1053 – MAKI. 

Research Interests

  • Distributed and Mobile Communication Systems
  • Adaptive and Context-aware Overlay Networks
  • Comparative Evaluation of Distributed Systems
  • Energy Efficient and Context-aware Routing in Fixed and Wireless Networks
  • Peer-to-Peer Location-based Services
  • Application-Taylored Networks
  • Software-Defined Networks and Cloud Computing
  • Content Distribution Networks



Geodemlia.KOM: A Robust Peer-to-Peer Overlay Supporting Location-Based Search


Ad hoc Video Streaming on Android Smartphones


Screencast: Voronoi-based Overlay Network


Lectures and Seminars at Technische Universität Darmstadt

SemesterLecture / Seminar
Winter Semester 2009-2010Communication Networks II
Summer Semester 2010Seminar Bechmarking of P2P Systems
Winter Semester 2010-2011

Communication Networks II

Summer Semester 2011Seminar Advanced Topics in P2P Research
Summer Semester 2011

Content Networking

Winter Semester 2011-2012Communication Networks II
Winter Semester 2012-2013Communication Networks II

Supervised Theses and Lab Exercises

1Björn DollackLab ExerciseBattle of the Giants: Comparative Performance Analysis of the CAN Overlay
2Julius RückertLab ExerciseBattle of the Giants: Comparative Performance Analysis of the VON Overlay
3Minh Hoang Nguyen Lab ExerciseBattle of the Giants: Comparative Performance Analysis of the Chord Overlay
4Sebastian BuchBachelor ThesisModeling User Behavior in P2P Systems
5Christoph MünkerBachelor ThesisImplementation and Comparative Performance Analysis of the Information Dissemination Overlay pSense
6Joseph KaruiruBachelor Thesis

Measurement and Modelling of WiFi-Infrastructure-based Communication on Android Smartphones

7Dieter HofmannBachelor ThesisGossip-based Monitoring on Smartphones
8Johann DegenhardtDiploma ThesisGeo-based Routing and Search
9Maximilian ZellerBachelor ThesisAd hoc Video Streaming on Android Smartphones
10Christoph NeumannMaster ThesisImproving Energy-Efficiency of Mobile P2P Overlays
11Fabian KaupDiploma ThesisMeasurement and Modelling of WiFi-Ad hoc-based Communication on Android Smartphones
12Tim WächterBachelor ThesisKeyword-based Search in Mobile Environments
13Leo NobachMaster ThesisMonitoring in Mobile Environments
14Andreas HemelMaster ThesisGeoKAD: An overlay supporting location-based search
15Jan WeberBachelor ThesisDevelopment and Evaluation of a Multi-Source Download Scheme for Peer-to-Peer Location-based Service
16Erik SpiegelbergBachelor ThesisComparative Analysis of Iterative and Recursive Search Approaches in Peer-to-Peer Location-based Service