Dr.-Ing. Patrick Lieser

Phone: +49 (0) 6151 16 20492
Location: S3|20 211

E-Mail: Patrick.Lieser@...

ORCID: 0000-0003-4084-2598

Research Interests

Distributed Sensing Systems

  • Infrastructure Independent Communication Networks
  • Enabling Communication in large-scale Disaster Scenarios
  • Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs)
  • Delay Tolerant Networks (DTNs)
  • Mobile Sensing for Disaster Relief
  • Long-Range Communication (LoRa)
  • Energy Models and Energy Prediction
  • Infrastructure Blackout Detection
  • Resource Distribution in Uncoordinated Dezentralized Ad-hoc Networks
  • Message Prioritization in DTN-MANETs
  • Sensor-based Activity Recognition
  • UAV supported DTN-MANETs


Here you can find my PhD Thesis.


EmergenCITY - LOEWE Research Centre: The Resilient Digital City

Natur 4.0 - LOEWE Research Project: Fächendeckendes Naturschutzmonitoring durch vernetzte Sensorik und integrative Datenanalyse (KOM Blog)

SMARTER - German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (KOM Blog, KOM Blog 2, Video, Video 2, Video 3

NICER - LOEWE Research Project: Networked Infrastructureless Cooperation for Emergency Response

DisasterSenseSoftware Campus (KOM Blog)

Supervised Students

  • Marcel Verst, Master Thesis - Design of a Disaster Mobility Model based on real-world Movement Traces  (Done)
  • Julian Zobel, Master Thesis - UAV Support for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (Done)
  • Sophie Schönherr, Master Thesis - Hybrid Communication in Vehicular Networks: Combining the Advantages of Cellular and V2V Communication (Done), Co-Supervisor
  • Simon Luser, Master Thesis - Adaptive Prioritisation Mechanisms for Post Disaster Communications (Done).
  • Martin Wende, Bachelor Thesis - Data Validity Model: Evaluation of information freshness in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (Done), Co-Supervisor.
  • Tim Feuerbach, Master Thesis - Decentralized Distribution of Resources in Post-Disaster Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (Done).
  • Daniel Ehrhard, Master Thesis -  Entwicklung und Evaluation von Funkbrücken zwischen Ad-hoc-Netzcluster bei Katastrophenereignissen (Done).
  • Marco Casili, Bachelor Thesis - Methods for Disaster Boundary Detection caused by Infrastructure Blackouts, (Done).
  • Till Schmitt, Master Thesis - Untersuchung und Entwicklung minimal-invasiver Mechanismen zur Abschätzung des Energieverbrauchs von Elektrogeräten (Done), Co-Supervisor.
  • Prasanna Mahadevaswamy, Master Thesis: Development of efficient Recruitment Strategies for Participatory Sensing, (Done), Co-Supervisor.