The An Binh Nguyen, M.Sc.

Location: S3|20 208

Phone: +49 (0) 6151 16 20495
E-Mail: The.An.Binh.Nguyen@...

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Research Interests

Distributed Sensing Systems

  • Mobile Crowd Sensing
  • Information Centric Networking
  • Opportunistic Network
  • In-Network Processing


NICER (LOEWE funded Project: Networked Infrastructureless Cooperation for Emergency Response)

SMARTER (BMBF funded Project: Smartphone-based Communication Networks for Emergency Response)

Software Campus (BMBF funded Project: OppEPM --- Opportunistic Exploiting the Power of Mobile Devices)

E-Finance Lab

Teaching Activities

Lectures and Courses

Supervised Students

  • Mathias Hornjak, Master Thesis: Analyse und Einsatz von IoT-Technologien im Parkraummanagement (on-going)
  • Ali Haider Rizvi, Master Thesis: Situation-Aware Complex Event Processing over Information-Centric Networks (Done), Co-Supervisor
  • Marius Rettberg-Päplow, Master Thesis: Verfahren fairen Lastverteilung für komplexe In-Netzwerk Datenverarbeitung, (done)
  • Dominik Schneider, Master Thesis: Ein QoS model basierter Ansatz zur Vernetzung des Industrial Internet of Things, (done)
  • Hasan Hazem, Master Thesis: QoS aware opportunistic Services Composition for In-Network Processing, (done)
  • Sooraj Mandotti, Robust Information Delivery in Hybrid Mesh Networks through Breadcrumb based Connectivity Forcasting, (done)
  • Agnihotri Pratyush, Master Thesis: Towards Information centric Collaboration Framework for Mobile Crowd Sensing, (done)
  • Thulasiram Valleru, Master Thesis: "Efficient Operator Migration for Distributed Complex Event Processing in Dynamic User Environments", (done), Co-Supervisor
  • Peter Schmidt, Bachelor Thesis: Kollaborative Middleware für Mobile Crowd Sensing, (done)
  • Prasanna Mahadevaswamy, Master Thesis: Development of efficient Recruitment Strategies for Participatory Sensing, (Done).
  • Simon Farr, Master Thesis: Middleware zur robusten Kommunikation von freiwilligen Feuerwehren  im Einsatzfall, (Done), Co-Supervisor



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